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Godů Open 17+18 April

Posted 04-23-2005 at 10:02 PM by

Sunday 17 April 2005

Today Iím going to Barcelona. First time to the Godů Open and Iím so excited because I will see Carlos again (live) after 6 years!!! Itís about time too! Also it will be the first time I get to see my Baby Rafa in the flesh and it will be so wonderful to see Nando again too! Then thereís Tommy, JC, Feli, Marat and Guille. Just great! Iím looking forward to meeting up with Birte and Reiko too. So lots to look forward to!

The plane was good. Quite some space to put my legs, which mostly isnít the case! So I was happy with that! When we sat down, I picked up the magazine they give you on the plane. Iberia Magazine. And wooooaaaah! Whoís on the cover then? Lying on his back on a tennis court??? My little man himself, Rafael! So, this mag has to come with me of course, canít leave baby on the plane, hahaha! Great article, great pics! Gosh he looks so cute! I was happy to have the magazine to take my mind of the rather bumpy flight! My goodness! It was so bad, they couldnít even come round with coffee and tea!!!

At 15.35 we arrived in Barcelona. Gosh how I love that city! We took to train to PlaÁa Catalunya and went to our hotel, also named Hotel Catalunya. Very simple but clean and nice hotel. Then we went for a walk on La Rambla. All of a sudden I saw a Nike car and they were throwing all sorts of Nike stuff. Then my heart skipped a beat..... 2 guys were hitting balls across the road and one of them looked a lot like Nadal!!! But of course, Rafa was playing his Monte Carlo final, so it couldnít be him! That was a funny start of the week!
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Monday, 18 april 2005

First day of the tournament! Off we go on the Metro to Maria Cristina Station. Then itís a 10 minute walk to the tennis club. When we got there we got our daily newspaper and order of play. OOOH MY!!! Fernando will play doubles today so thatís nice!!! Something to look forward to! He plays with Nicolas Almagro. Not too many matches I really want to see, so lots of time to spend at the practice courts.

So, get the camera ready and here we go! Igor Andreev is practicing, so I took some pics. After a little while my friend shows me where everything is, sheís been here before and itís bound to happen that she will be on one court and I will be on another! But, thatís just the way it is! We come here to watch OUR favourites, no need to sit on the wrong courts is there?! So, Tineke goes to watch a match and I go back to the practice courts meeting Reiko and her friends on the way. All of a sudden the practice courts are closed.... The guy at the gate doesnít speak English, so we have no idea why..... oooh here we go! Thereís Rafa, being surrounded by 4 or 5 security guys.(and Rafa's not liking that one little bit!) Seems thereís a clinic of some sorts with Rafael. So only the press and players are allowed in.

While we wait in the sun, Max Mirnyi walks by! He stops for a picture with me! Wow heís big! Hahaha! Like a giant!!! Also Juanqui and Carlos pass us. Carlos has no security guys with him..... he somehow manages to slip through the crowd almost unnoticed! Haha! Sneaky!!!! I decide to go to Centre Court. On my way I see Robredoís coach. I never see Tommy first for some weird reason! Always coach and then I go: ooooooooooh so where is Tommy?!?!?! Hahaha! And there he is! Heís in a hurry too! Looks like the Armada guys all have to be at that clinic... Oh well...Then Gato walks by and Reiko gives him a book. He gives her a kiss on the cheek to say thanks and this is when she almost loses it! Hahaha! She couldnít believe he just did that! But yeah, he did!! Hahahaha!

I walk ahead to Centre. I see a very cute guy with a white Adidas cap, leaning against a tree watching the match on centre court between Mirnyi and Costa. Itís that sweet Fernando Verdasco. Pffff..... I decide to just stand there for a bit, to be out of the sun for a bit. And in such good company too! I see Tineke on the other side and she waves at me to come and sit there too. Eh... well, maybe later! Iím liking it here very much thanks!! Fernando is very cheerful and giving autographs to everyone who asks and posing for pics. No problem. So I decide to tap him on the shoulder and ask him when he will play his singles match. He turns around, smiles and answers me: tomorrow. *faint* gosh, that voice, and that cute accent... *sigh* So I said: Iíll be there! And he said: Thank you!! And again that gorgeous smile!

Then this girl stands behind him and taps him on the shoulder...no reaction..... then she decides to tickle his waist and he jumps up, turns around and with a high and happy voice goes: oooooooooooooooooh holaaaaaaaaa! It was so funny to see that!! (and hear it too) They kiss and hug and he looks so happy to see her. I try to follow what they are talking about, but my Spanish isnít that good unfortunately. I do hear him say: well, call me now then. And she does, so now he can put her number in his mobile phone, smart boy! Also heís talking about a five year contract...I think itís about Adidas. And about his tennis. His doubles matches and who heíll play with. I hear the names: Ferrero and Lopez.... also I get the feeling heís not too happy with Nadal. But, I could be wrong, and probably am because, although if I can understand anyone it would be Fer, he still talks too fast sometimes for me to really understand. I heard something like: well, thatís the truth!!! And he said it with a very sarcastic tone in his voice.

I was happy to see Reikoís friends and asked one of them to take a picture with Fernando. So I ask him and he says itís okay. I put my arm around him.... gosh that was nice, hahaha! Thank you!!! And oh yeah there it is again: youíre welcome... *sigh* hahaha! The girl who took the picture was all: ooooh you touched him!!! You lucky girl! It was so funny!

Okay, I go to Tineke and Feli is about to start his first round match. Fernando is watching and leaving again and coming back, leaning against the tree. Thatís when I decided to make that one ďFernandoís TreeĒ. Oh Feli won, btw.

When Feli is finished I go back to the practice courts, which are open again. At court 4 I see Joan Bosch. Heís watching Nieminen Ė Lee. One of them will be Carlosí oponent in the second round. Gosh heís nice! That man has got beautiful eyes. So I ask him when Carlos will play. Also tomorrow, like Fernando. I hope they donít play at the same time!!!!

At the practice courts I see Tommy and Marat too. Peter Lundgren walks in front of me so I ask him when Marat will play... he plays on Wednesday. Okay!! Tommy is hitting the ball very hard! He even knocks out a girl watching him. How nice! Hahaha! Then we hear a loud banging noice... Tommy stops to play and stands on his toes to look over the crowd who are between the 2 courts. I turn around and see Marat smashing his racket against his chair untill itís broken. Then he takes another one and smashes it against the wall! He breaks 3 rackets in 5 minutes for no apparent reason. Tommy is laughing out loud now! And yeah, it is a funny sight! Then JC joins them on the courts. He looks very cute today!!!

I then go back to centre because itís almost time for Fernando and Nicolas to play their first round doubles match against Montanes and Perez. Thereís still a little time so I watch a bit of the Andreev Davydenko doubles match.

Great to see Nando play again!!! Heís taking control of the team, shouting mia mia mia everytime! Hahaha! But, my darling Fer...not EVERY ball is meant for you hon!! Give Nico a chance!!! Also Nico hits a serve straight onto Ferís back..... OUCH! Itís a fun match to see. At one point Fer shouts MIA again and Nico still wants to hit the ball so Fer could only just duck otherwise Nico would have knocked him out! Hahaha! Fer was NOT amused! I felt sad they lost..... Letís hope the singles will be better!

What a great first day it was!!! Also met Birte!!! Great great day!

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    Re: Godů Open 17+18 April

    i love Barca, i want to go!! it sounds like to so much fun, hehe eavesdropping were we, Carlita?
    you saw Marat and JC, im so jealous!

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