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Posted 10-01-2006 at 08:11 PM by

olga,u knwo who used to be my bf but now thanks to alina (who's a bitch) its no more! alina,please shut up!!!! it's my decision what i do and i will tell u something! he was the only one i wanted in my life and now it's gone becasue of u! so what he's not here ,u don't have no shoulder to cry eighter! u're so lame,u don't even have friends. and the friends u ahev u stab them from the back! u're a real bitch and it's such a pity,cuz u're a pretty girl but very stupid. that was sandra's opinion too but it seems it changed. and oh yeah,sandra doesn't know abt the "sandra is a little bitch who needs to be sorted out, i still don't know how yet but i will think to something" text u sent to paul while he was in london! and i guess olga doesn't know eighter abt teh fact that u flirted with paul and tryed to seduce him while he was with her and even said u will try to break him up with her,no? u didn't get it with paul but u got it with me. so be happy with paul,sandra and the other ppl u took away from me and please stay out of my life !!!
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    blaaaa blaaaaaa blaaaa u know what?if someone is no longer ur friend...is cos of u.they have brains of their own...2 think for themselves u know?.they don't have to do what i say.and abt the thread...i have other things to do than to write one abt u or put someone esle.the thread wasn't my idea at all ( but i guess u wouldn't belive a " stupid,blonde bitch " like me right?and ...how can u say i tried to seduce Paul?lol...see?again , u can't realise what is real and what is a joke. i mean....if i would have talked to Olga and say :" oh Olga...u r so beautiful....i looooooooove u" u would have gone to Paul and say " Paul....Alina is trying to steal Olga from u" ? don't u see that u r not thinking straight nomore?anyway....i am trying to see what u want to do: to make everyone belive that i'm a bad person?well....u know what? i don't care. the only one i know here ( personaly) is Sandra and i will let her decide 4 herself what kind of person i am and u should too.and what...r u gealous cos' she doens't consider me stupid anymore? oh..or did i steal her from u too?anyway..this is what i had to say.maybe the persons who will read this will make a bad impresion abt me....but i don't really care...as they don't know me in real life.and Paul and Olga..oh well...i think they can make an opinion abt me without u saying anything cos....as u know...i am talkin to them as well once in a while so they can decide 4 themselves how i am. but to make things easier 4 u...cos i see this thing..me TALKING ( not more) 2 ur V-friends is driving u mad and...i won't talk to any of tme ( NEVER ) and u will decide 4 ur self who really likes u amd who doesn't.ok..now i bet u'll say it's to late cos i already took them from u but...i know i never did anything to hurt u because i really liked u and when i told u to stay less on the internet and stuff...was for your own good.but i saw u took that as a bad thing as well. so...." Goobbye Miruna....goodbye my EXfriend...u have been the one..u have been the one for me" ( and i am not kiddin'. i really thought i finally found a trustfull friend...but again...i guess i was wrong....i judged u too soon)
    Posted 10-02-2006 at 09:22 AM by r_alynutza_86 r_alynutza_86 is offline
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