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first entry. yay. *false celebration*

Posted 09-01-2005 at 12:08 PM by

Displeased. Yes. Because of this silly blog.
So. This is the first entry and I'm supposed to say smth. Preferably intelligent. Now that's a stretch.
okokokok... I have to figure out what I'm gonna write in here. Besides stupid rambling like this, that is. *thinking* *thinkiiiiiiiinnngg* *thinkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnggg*

Ah yes. Neverwinter Nights. NWN. It's a computer game. (an RPG, for those who know what that means. and for those who don't.... role playing game) That's all you need to know. I've had it since it came out.... erm.... abt 3 years ago (I hate this keyboard, btw) and I've started playing it 732465825740875 times but never finished because.... oh, nevermind. (man, this is going to be one boring blog).

So anyway.... I killed that Shaldrissa chick yesterday (actually, it was today at abt 3 am). Just out of the blue like that. She was just standing around being an annoying little girl, as usual, so I went over there and just wanted to piss her off ('cos she wouldn't talk to me ever since I refused to take her whining ass adventuring with me) and used my "taunt" abillity on her. Next thing I know, she's dead. Her father (the mayor of Port Llast, no less) didn't say anything. LMAO. I found her real journal, tho. Apparently, she was planning to run away with erm.... what's his name.... anyway... an escaped convict her father has me looking for. Stupid girl.

Those damn troll caves are neverending, I swear. After killing three whole levels of trolls and ogres.... where do I end up? The Creator Races Ruins LEVEL ONE. Just great. And I just know I'll have to face another one of those annoying undead Arcane Brotherhood guys. In the meantime, I can't get past some silly Golem who wants me to give him The Ring of Gox, whoever that is, to prove I'm one of the Master Races. Which I'm not.

Tomi Undergallows (my mercenary) is seriously getting on my nerves. He's pretty ok for a rogue, but the constant "Oh, I can pick that open easy........ Aye, it's done!" thing is almost unbearable. Plus, I'm starting to like my "bash" abillity. A LOT. I'm thinking of changing him, but with whom? Def NOT that walking disaster Li'nu. Or that logic freak... erm.... what's his name..... whatever.

Mutamin's Challenge was cake. Illegal stuff, true, but I leveled up and got some neato boots from Gorksan (Haste +1). I had to kill him because he attacked me. Silly rabbit. I eat the likes of you for breakfast.

Can't wait to go to Charwood and to Wanev's Tower. That drunken fool is hilarious. And he's right, the bugbears ARE idiots.

This silly cult "The Old Ones" better send some REAL agents after me. Solomon and Vardoc were pathetic. And I hear Neva is an agent too. Hmm. Interesting.

I hate the "recommended" button. Why in the hell would I want to waste my abillity points on "Critical Hit (rapier)"? Who da hell uses a rapier? Base damage 1d6. Pffffffft. I know I have two pretty kewl shields to go with it, but c'mon! Can't compare it with my nice Stonefire greataxe +1. Base damage 1d12. I mean, puh-lease.

I need to find someone who can sell me more Bags of Holding.

Well, that's abt it for the first entry. If u didn't understand anything, well.... tough! It's my blog. I would suggest not reading it. Just replying. Hehe. Tarzan need vCash, Tarzan make blog.

Ok, I'll stop now.
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    Saumon's Avatar

    Re: first entry. yay. *false celebration*

    you actually wrote something!

    dont forget to visit mine
    Posted 09-01-2005 at 01:14 PM by Saumon Saumon is offline

    Re: first entry. yay. *false celebration*

    :wavey: Tarzan :lol:
    Posted 09-01-2005 at 05:20 PM by MariaV
    Damita's Avatar

    Re: first entry. yay. *false celebration*

    you know, if you hadn't written it was a RPG but had just written the story, i really would have thought you were

    really funny to read.

    btw, excuse my lack of knowledge in the matter but, aren't RPG played with other people, with challenges or stuff to do in real life?
    Posted 09-01-2005 at 08:41 PM by Damita Damita is offline
    Meeek's Avatar

    Re: first entry. yay. *false celebration*

    Geesh...I had to read twice about 'i killed..'. I'm so blonde.

    Ha, easy money this eh? Heh.They should make it real money. I need some. Some... I need a lot.

    Posted 09-01-2005 at 09:26 PM by Meeek Meeek is offline
    Sugar Kane's Avatar

    Re: first entry. yay. *false celebration*

    Posted 09-02-2005 at 10:00 AM by Sugar Kane Sugar Kane is offline

    Re: first entry. yay. *false celebration*

    Posted 09-03-2005 at 06:24 AM by Skyward Skyward is offline
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