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Greg-Pete fan
03-17-2007, 11:36 AM
Old great matches with final shakehands

Boris Becker shakehands:)

1)Boris Becker vs Omar Camporese (Australian Open 1991 third round)
2)Boris Becker vs Michael Chang (Australian Open 1996 final)
3)Boris Becker vs Tim Henman (C.G.S.C. 1996 semifinal)
4)Boris Becker vs Goran Ivanisevic (Wimbledon 1990 semifinal)
5)Goran Ivanisevic vs Boris Becker (Wimbledon 1994 semifinal)
6)Boris Becker vs Ivan Lendl (Wimbledon 1989 semifinal)
7)Boris Becker vs Cedric Pioline (Wimbledon 1995 quarterfinal)
8)Boris Becker vs Greg Rusedski (Australian Open 1996 first round)
9)Boris Becker vs David Wheaton (Wimbledon 1991 semifinal)
10)Boris Becker vs Guy Forget (Wimbledon 1991 quarterfinal)

Greg-Pete fan
03-17-2007, 12:05 PM
Boris Becker shakehands (part 2)

1)Stefan Edberg vs Boris Becker (Wimbledon 1988 final)
2)Boris Becker vs Stefan Edberg (Wimbledon 1989 final, before the match)
3)Stefan Edberg vs Boris Becker (Wimbledon 1990, before the final)
4)Stefan Edberg vs Boris Becker (Wimbledon 1990 final shakehand)
5)Boris Becker vs Patrick McEnroe (U.S. Open 1995 quartefinal)
6)Magnus Larsson vs Boris Becker (U.S. Open 1993 fourth round)
7)Patrick McEnroe vs Boris Becker (Australian Open 1995 first round)
8)Richey Reneberg vs Boris Becker (U.S. Open 1994 first round)
9)Patrick Rafter vs Boris Becker (Wimbledon 1999 fourth round, final match for Becker)
10)Michael Stich vs Boris Becker (Wimbledon 1991 final)

Greg-Pete fan
03-17-2007, 12:20 PM
Boris Becker shakehands (part 3)

1)Pete Sampras vs Boris Becker (Wimbledon 1995 final)
2)Pete Sampras vs Boris Becker (Masters 1994 final)
3)Pete Sampras vs Boris Becker (Masters 1996 final)
4)Pete Sampras vs Boris Becker (Paris-indoor 1995 final)
5)Pete Sampras vs Boris Becker (Paris-indoor 1997 second round)
6)Andre Agassi vs Boris Becker (Key Biscayne 1994 third round)
7)Andre Agassi vs Boris Becker (Roland Garros 1991 semifinal)
8)Andre Agassi vs Boris Becker (during Wimbledon 1992 quarterfinal)
9)Andre Agassi vs Boris Becker (during U.S. Open 1995 semifinal)
10)Boris Becker vs Andre Agassi (Wimbledon 1995 semifinal)

Greg-Pete fan
03-17-2007, 02:08 PM
Jim Courier shakehands

1)Sergi Bruguera vs Jim Courier (Roland Garros 1993 final)
2)Sergi Bruguera vs Jim Courier (Roland Garros 1994 semifinal)
3)Jim Courier vs Michael Chang (U.S. Open 1995 quarterfinal)
4)Stefan Edberg vs Jim Courier (U.S. Open 1991 final)
5)Jim Courier vs Petr Korda (Roland Garros 1992 final)
6)Jim Courier vs Stefan Edberg (Roland Garros 1991 quarterfinal)
7)Guy Forget vs Jim Courier (Wimbledon 1994 second round)
8)Jim Courier vs Andre Agassi (Roland Garros 1989 third round)
9)Jim Courier vs Andre Agassi (Roland Garros 1991 final, before the match)
10)Andre Agassi vs Jim Courier (Australian Open 1996 quarterfinal)

Greg-Pete fan
03-17-2007, 02:25 PM
Jim Courier shakehands (part 2)

1)Jim Courier vs Andre Agassi (Roland Garros 1991 final), final shakehand
2)Pete Sampras vs Jim Courier (Australian Open 1994 semifinal)
3)Pete Sampras vs Jim Courier (Australian Open 1995 quarterfinal)
4)Pete Sampras vs Jim Courier (Masters 1991 final)
5)Jim Courier vs Pete Sampras (Roland Garros 1994 quarterfinal)
6)Pete Sampras vs Jim Courier (Roland Garros 1996 quarterfinal)
7)Pete Sampras vs Jim Courier (U.S. Open 1992 semifinal)
8)Pete Sampras vs Jim Courier (U.S. Open 1995 semifinal)
9)Pete Sampras vs Jim Courier (Wimbledon 1993 final)
10)Pete Sampras vs Jim Courier (an exhibition match, 7 August 2006)

Greg-Pete fan
03-17-2007, 06:41 PM
Michael Chang shakehands

1)Jeremy Bates vs Michael Chang (Wimbledon 1992 first round)
2)Michael Chang vs Stefan Edberg (Roland Garros 1989 final)
3)Stefan Edberg vs Michael Chang (Roland Garros 1996 third round)
4)Stefan Edberg vs Michael Chang (U.S. Open 1992 semifinal)
5)Nicklas Kulti vs Michael Chang (Roland Garros 1992 third round)
6)Carlos Moya vs Michael Chang (U.S. Open 1998 second round)
7)Thomas Muster vs Michael Chang (Roland Garros 1995 final)
8)Patrick Rafter vs Michael Chang (U.S. Open 1997 semifinal)
9)Michael Chang vs Marcelo Rios (Australian Open 1997 quarterfinal)
10)Fernando Gonzalez vs Michael Chang (U.S. Open 2003 first round, the final match for Chang)

Greg-Pete fan
03-17-2007, 06:53 PM
Michael Chang shakehands (part 2)

1)Michael Chang vs Andre Agassi (Australian Open 1996 semifinal)
2)Michael Chang vs Andre Agassi (U.S. Open 1996 semifinal)
3)Andre Agassi vs Michael Chang (Key Biscayne 2003 second round)
4)Pete Sampras vs Michael Chang (Australian Open 1995 semifinal)
5)Pete Sampras vs Michael Chang (U.S. Open 1993 quarterfinal)
6)Pete Sampras vs Michael Chang (Wimbledon 1994 quarterfinal)
7)Michael Chang vs Pete Sampras (Rome 1998 second round)

Greg-Pete fan
03-19-2007, 05:26 PM
Pete Sampras shakehands

Andre Agassi shakehands

Greg-Pete fan
03-20-2007, 04:53 PM
Sergi Bruguera shakehands

1)Sergi Bruguera vs Alberto Berasategui (Roland Garros 1994 final)
2)Sergi Bruguera vs Jim Courier (Roland Garros 1993 final)
3)Sergi Bruguera vs Jim Courier (Roland Garros 1994 semifinal)
4)Sergi Bruguera vs Henri Leconte (Paris-Indoor 1995 second round)
5)Sergi Bruguera vs Henri Leconte (Roland Garros 1993 first round)
6)Sergi Bruguera vs Malivai Washington (Atlanta, Olympic Games QF)
7)Sergi Bruguera vs Fernando Meligeni (Atlanta, Olympic Games SF)
8)Sergi Bruguera vs Patrick Rafter (Roland Garros 1997 semifinal)
9)Gustavo Kuertenvs Sergi Bruguera (Roland Garros 1997 final)
10)Pete Sampras vs Sergi Bruguera (Roland Garros 1996 second round)

Greg-Pete fan
03-20-2007, 05:01 PM
Sergi Bruguera shakehands (part 2)

1)Andre Agassi vs Sergi Bruguera (Paris-Indoor 1994 semifinal)
2)Andre Agassi vs Sergi Bruguera (Atlanta, Olympic Games 1996 final)