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03-12-2007, 04:18 AM
Sampras regroups as run ends


March 16, 1997

Pete Sampras knew his streak had to end at some point, but few expected it would be a tentative Sampras losing to unseeded Bohdan Ulihrach in Indian Wells, Calif.

Wednesday's loss would have been easier to take had Sampras felt he'd played well. But the 20-match win streak came to an end with a less-than-stellar performance by the world No. 1.

"You know it isn't going to last forever, but you hope when you do lose, you lose to someone that outplays you," Sampras said. "He (Ulihrach) played OK, but I just didn't play well. That adds a little bit of salt to the wound, when you don't play the way you should play.

"It was pretty ugly. I just made error after error. ... I was missing a lot of groundstrokes, normal shots; I just wasn't very comfortable out there."

That match aside, it has been a phenomenal run for Sampras, who had won his last four tournaments dating back to the season-ending ATP Tour World Championship and is only two tournament titles from reaching 50 for his career. He had lost just three of 28 sets before running into Ulihrach. His streak included the Australian Open title.

"I put so much emphasis on the majors," Sampras said. "My goal

every year is to win one. Now that I've got one early in the year, I still go into the rest of the majors as competitive as I've always been. By the U.S. Open at the end of last year, I was yet to have won one, so I put a lot of extra pressure on myself. (Winning the Australian) was a good start for my mind as far as being ready for the rest of them."

Sampras will next turn his attention to the Lipton Championships, one of the biggest non-Grand Slam tournaments of the season. But it's the French Open that is most on his mind at the moment. Though he's won nine Grand Slam titles, he has yet to win the French Open.

Last year, Sampras reached the semifinals for the first time at Roland Garros. He'd had three consecutive quarterfinal finishes before falling in the first round in 1995. This year, he's determined to finally have his breakthrough.

"I feel like the French is a tournament that I can win," Sampras said. "The court isn't as slow as you might think, depending on the weather. A lot of different variables have to work to win the French, from the weather to the draw to how I'm playing, how I'm feeling. Hopefully, one year all these things will come into place and I'll win there.

"I don't think there's really anything I'm lacking in my game. It's just a matter of playing better than I would have to play on a hardcourt or even an indoor court."

Matter of convenience - When top players have been criticized for not devoting their time to Davis Cup, most have cited scheduling as the biggest problem. Sampras, however, candidly admitted Davis Cup just doesn't hold the same allure for him.

"As a kid growing up, Davis Cup wasn't something I ever really watched," he admitted. "I don't feel quite as strong about Davis Cup as someone like John McEnroe. I've always looked at Davis Cup as if it fits into my schedule, I would be available to play. I've been a part of two winning teams. It's been fun. But I'm at the point in my career where if it's convenient to play, then I'll play. If it's not, then I'm not."

I am sure not everyone went crazy when Pete loss.Even Pete had a bad day.I am sure Roger wont lose sleep.Rest up Roger!!!!

03-12-2007, 04:19 AM
Oh I'm sure Roger won't lose slee either, but I sure as hell aint gonna lose out on a laugh because he ain't losing sleep