Did Somebody Mention No More Ecuadorian W/Cs?

03-10-2007, 12:48 AM
Most of the board realises that as of this year players have to win a round in a Challenger to receive any points.

We thought the days of buying wild cards was over ...

Look at this week's tournament in Salinas, Ecuador ...

One of last year's "surprising" wild cards is back, Carlton Fiorentino (USA).

Here's a guy who has never won a main draw match at Futures or Satie level. Judging from his qualie results, he might make a Division I NCAA team.
His points have come from wild cards.

So why is he back in Salinas? The TD must love this guy!

Unfortunately he got a horrible singles draw against Franco Ferriero, just off a career win against Albert Montanes. Still Ferriero went easy on the lad, winning 4 and 2.

But the doubles really looks questionable. Just how desperate was this guy to pick up doubles points?

Or maybe the play is just buy 5 wild cards and hope for one easy draw!