A Day in The Life-Tabloid tennis hits the mainstream

03-09-2007, 11:45 PM
Many on MTF have complained about threads that have little tennis value.
Many have complained about my posts being nutty and far removed from the REAL
game of tennis.
However a look at the Bob Larson's Tennis News web site shows that my posts are the wave of the future:p

Let's take a close look:
Henman eats steak and poached eggs-newsworthy there.:confused: High chlosterol-hope he knows a heart surgeon;)
The Hilton cant get a bathroom fan right.:rolleyes: Maybe Paris was the architect:D :confused:
Srichaphan (isnt he a monk?) :angel: waits for Miss Universe.
Nadal's web site is new and improved.:o Think he could have gotten it right in the first place!:eek:
And a tennis player no one ever heard of is now a billionaire:devil: No, its not me:sad:

heres the link: