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03-08-2007, 03:26 PM
There are alot of requests for players forums so in order to keep the forum clean and not be creating forums everywhere we have come up with a new plan to accomidate your requests.

Every 4 months we will update the players forums. How this will work is 1 week prior to the 4 month deadline I will open a forum entitled "player request forum" in this forum you start a thread with the players name. "do not" start a new thread if there is one request already made for that player. What you do is reply to that thread expressing your interest... or "vote" so to speak. If enough feedback is generated to constitute a players forum then the forum will be created for you. Please add a poll to your request!

We will start a player request over the next few days, then they will be July, November, and March again.

Edit: Players request forum is now open in the site suggestions and feedback section