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Mental Issue...

03-07-2007, 06:40 PM
Ok well to sum up:
I play tennis about twice a week, ive played for a few years but only really started to try and take it more seriously or whatever for a year or so. The thing is i've never really been a confident person or anything and it's never really been that much of a problem.

However these past few weeks its really been affecting my tennis. Whenever I miss just one shot in a lesson/squad i get really down on myself because of it...and obviously my game just goes downhill from that point on, and even when i try to start playing better it still gets worse.

I'm the first to admit that i'm not a very good player, my shots tend to be inconsistent (mainly due to the fact i hit quite flat etc) and i've only recently started to get success with my serve using a chopper grip (my old coach taught me to serve with forehand grip :rolleyes:). So yeah...i don't know what to do - how can i get my confidence up with my tennis and in general??

Also I usually play much better in my lessons than i do in the squad and i'm starting to realise that i feel more rushed or something in my squad and i can't work out why??? Any ideas???

Sorry for the essay, i really am - just i'm feeling really down about it at the moment and thought i'd just see if i could get a nudge in the right direction. Many thanks in advance :)

03-07-2007, 08:46 PM
The standards that you're setting for yourself are too high, and you can't play to them.
Lower your standards, train hard, and eventually you'll adapt to the Federer mindset of "I will do better next time".

This case often occurs in beginners interclub. I hadn't known of anyone who gets down on themselves in a team or practice enviroment.

03-20-2007, 07:02 PM
i have the same problem but its geting better. I try to focus on strong points (backhand and volleying) and wheneer i do those right it pumps me up and makes me feel better than my opp. I also try to make my opp play on my strong side. Eg. serving placement to make them play on my backhand. Dont set ur standards to high and put in mind that ur better than ur opponent even if u make errors

03-20-2007, 07:16 PM
I think maintaining one's emotions is a skill that takes practice, just as much as volleys or serves... I used to get down and discouraged very quickly, too.... lately I feel those emotions beginning, but I try to channel them into something productive. There's a reason we call it "playing" tennis --- it's just a game, after all... ;)

It can help to concentrate on specific aspects of your game right away, before the emotions overwhelm you. Most importantly... move your feet! Put all that energy into your feet and stay balanced and alert on the balls of your feet. Keep your center of gravity low enough that you can change directions easily. Another thing to try is an intense "gimme the ball" attitude during play --- it can help you focus and anticipate and keep you from wasting split seconds of time to get into position. I find that these things often clear up my form a lot, and then I start to feel better too.

Also, finding ways of making yourself smile or laugh can sometimes convince you that things aren't really that bad out there. :lol:

That's my amateur advice. ;)