Complaining about Draws

02-28-2007, 07:22 PM
People need to stop whining about the Draws their favorite player gets. There will always be a randomness to every Draw which is what keeps it interesting. Imagine if seed 1,4,5,8 and seed 2,3,6,7 were always seeded on the same half of the Draw. In addition with upsets injuries and hot/cold streaks you never can predict exactly how each tournament will play out. Last year Fed fans bitched about Wimbledon Draw. Recently Nadal fans bitched about Dubai Draw. Look how Dubai will break down.
If Nadal were to win his path would be:
Bags, Andreev,Youzhny,either(Soderling/Santoro) and presumebly Fed in the Finals.
Feds path would be:
Pless, Bracciali,Djokovic, most likely Haas and presumeably Nadal.
There may be upsets still yet to come before the finals but the point is that most Draws even up in the end and some tournaments a certain player may have better Draws than others. That's tennis. There's no conspiracy against your favorite player going on behind the scenes. Finally alot of tough draws on paper can become easy draws with just one upset. For Nadal and Fed, you are the top two players therefor they should handle any draw as they will always be the highest seed in their half of the Draw.

02-28-2007, 07:44 PM
And those on federers side of the draw wil face him anyway so thats a comfort i guess! I used to complain about draw but whats the point? Best man wins and even when my favorite players lose, the winner is always the one who deserved it. Sounds silly but true.