seating advice needed

03-08-2004, 07:27 PM
ok, just looking at a wta application. i have never been to a match before, so was wondering if north,south/west/east is best for viewing? so behind the players or on the side? thanks for your views

*Marat BigFan*
03-08-2004, 08:04 PM
I went to a match twice and I think you should sit North or South. So you can see the match in verticle as you see on TV. I have no idea where you should sit, close of far. But I can still see it clearly even I'm sitting far. But don't pick too far. Pick the one you like most.

03-08-2004, 08:13 PM
This may depend on what you want. In my opinion behind the players is the best option to follow the match (construction of points etc) because you can follow everything without turning your head. But if you want to take a close look at the players a seat on the side where the players sit between games may be helpful (of course only when you have really good seats).

03-08-2004, 09:50 PM
If you want to take pictures (during the day), I would recommend North. I found it difficult trying to take pictures when the sun was right into to face. It's usually a bit more shady (depends on the time of year and weather)

03-09-2004, 09:43 AM
and try and avoid sitting behind the umpire's chair ;)

03-09-2004, 10:04 AM
Get in a corner, preferably North/East. You can see a great view of the match without much difficulty, and take great pictures. This is normally where I sit.

03-09-2004, 02:02 PM
ahh great dude, i just i ordered north stand but they are close to side (east). or i had the choice of north in the middle but 2 rows from the back. did i choose correctly?

03-09-2004, 02:24 PM
As I told you already, east or west is better, usually ;) In my opinion, anyway.

03-09-2004, 02:32 PM
I guess if you live where it isn't hot, it doesn't matter so much, but here in the States, it's very nice to sit on the west side because the sun is behind you in the late afternoon and the seats get shady. Southwest has the best shade.

My favorite place to sit is on the side line behind the baseline or just on it and very close to the court. :) The other place I like is behind the court and on the sideline.

I really prefer not to sit in the middle, but closer to the court is better than far away so, I'd take the middle if that meant I could sit closer.

I'm glad you got your tickets. I hope you have a great time. :)

Ma. Estefania
03-09-2004, 04:11 PM
and try and avoid sitting behind the umpire's chair ;)

LOL :lol:

03-09-2004, 04:18 PM
I always prefer sitting behind the players. That way you can share their view, you get a better idea of the speed and you can actually see where the ball is going which isn't always the case when you are sitting on the side. :)