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Your Racket: The Good and The Bad

12-12-2006, 10:26 PM
3.0 player
head liquid metal prestige (L6)
54lbs with nxt tour strings
.5 grams of lead tape at 12 0 clock on frame

The Good
very solid racket. not too much spin and not too little. hit as hard as you want and the ball usually stays in.
the weight with a little lead tape to make it head heavier than stock model does wonders for the racket. you can really whip through groundstrokes.

The Bad
i tend to have less control on my volleys in comparison to the nsixonetour. they tend to go deep. its harder to cut the ball shallow.
serve could have more pop.

the lm prestige requires a full and fast swing so if youre not taking them youre gonna hit short or into the net. on the flip side, itll help you improve your game. and unlike the nsixonetour, when you do hit full and fast with racket tension in the average, you'll hit deep as well.