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21-22/10 Italy, Legabasket

10-21-2006, 02:17 PM
Reggio after an ugly beginning of the season has found one important win against Naples, at home it plays well and is sure a hard team to face, Biella is stronger, much complete and for sure it can without doubt plays the match at par, even if at home seems better Reggio, match near.

Siena has left much good, is one of the teams more in shape and with Baxter it has a complete rosters, for sure of first level, Naples although the two victories is not appeared a lot convincing and the defeat of Reggio is the demonstration. Siena without doubt is the favorite of this match, even if 35% are truly low.

Rome-Virtus Bologna is a beautiful match, between two great teams, could be a match near inasmuch as the Virtus has begun much good and is in great confidence and Rome has great champions and after a difficult beginning it seems in resumption, Rome around to 1/2 is decidedly low, even if playing at home and is preferibile.

Cantu-Udine is a match near, two teams from the similar value, two good teams without great stars but that they will do good in this tournament, Cantu playing at home and leaves little favorite, even if Udine can play the match until the end, right odds.

Milan is the better team of the Italian league and creed that will not have many problems to Montegranaro, even if obviously the odds of Milan does not give null.

Teramo at home can do good and the nice W against Cantu will have given confidence to the team of the good coach Dalmonte, Capo D' Orlando is a crazy team, much offensive, little defensive, the odds of Teramo is too much low, but it is surely the great favorite of this match.

Climamio Bologna and Varese have not left well and are playing a basket of not great level, but at home against the modest Livorno and Avellino they would have to win enough easy.

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