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19/10 Legabasket Italy

10-19-2006, 09:58 AM
Siena has begun very well the season, is a new team with much but quality, moreover now with Baxter also under the planche will have great quality. Avellino is probably the team much limited in the Italian league , moreover Curry will be out tonight and Bryan is full doubt. Difficult that the MPS can lose to Avellino, even if in the basket all it is possible, 35% is its odds, nothing more.

Milan probably is the better team in Italy, has left much good the season and is decidedly of other level regarding Scafati, even if also Scafati has left much good and has a good team, the odds are those.

Naples has not left much good the season, in the first two weeks has not plays good versus two teams decidedly to its capacity and is not playing well is winning, Reggio still has not found an own dimension and is decidedly in full crisis, this match is difficult to analyze, theoretically if Reggio finds a minimum of continuity can be played the match against this Naples and without doubt 47% is little regarding the value of the match.

Teramo is inferior potentially to Cantu, although the two defeats that has begun the season and creed that in house leave just favorite, the match probably can be nearer regarding how the quotas says, even if Teramo is preferibile.

Udine must win, has not begun well but it has a good team, sure better to that one of Montegranaro and therefore I not creed that it can be worth than 60%. the odds are right, even if I creed that Udine will win.

For Livorno, still without Ingles and Fantoni, the match will be enough difficult against Rome, even if the team of Repesa is not still complete. Right favorite Rome, but sincerely I would not exclude the surprise, Rome cannot be worth under 1/2 although it leaves wide favorite in this match.

Treviso cannot still lose at home, the match is a lot important and I creed that the Benetton will not mistake, also seeing that Varese is not more than a normal team, there is 30% and is it's worth.

The Virtus Bologna this year has a really nice team and creed that also against the surprise Capo D'Orlando will win, although 20% is ridicule.

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