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My Review(explanation of Scoreboard Change)

02-22-2004, 11:13 PM
Hi! This is my first time here!

Ive read the posts done today, and as I saw the match through tv I want to explain what happened in the first set, when the scoreboard went 6-3 and then changed to 5-4

But first I must say I haven't seen Coria playing so well since last year.. His game was awesome, he really played "magically"..

If you happened to see yesterday's last set's match against Gasquet, I can say it was nothing compared to today's game

He was just very aggressive, taking advantage of every point he could, making Moya lose faith in his game.. It was just a perfect game
(he got over 85% of first serve... over the whole match.. I think it was 87% in the first set.. and got , until the 5-3 game, moya on service, only 6 unforced errors .. just to end up with 9.)

His game was delicious.. he guessed every time Moya smashed(even 2 or 3 smashes in a row, in the same point! it was hard to believe!! he got em all back! and even won some of em!) and got every drop shot back, shocking a Moya who couldn't believe his eyes.

Honestly, there were points that you just couldn't believe what had just happened..

Well.. The thing that happened on the 9th game , was that, it went 30-40, and setpoint.. then after a very good point, moya got 40-40 and ever since then, coria went on "adv", "adv" , "adv".. and moya saved every ball , with luck on his side...

And on one point, Guillermo hit the ball and went directly to the net, and on TV, it looked as if the ball had hit the net, and went on the other side, but it didn't.. It was only an ilusion (maybe coria's magic? lol). So everyone who wasn't at the court thought it was 6-3, but it was 40-40 again.

The game went a few points longer and finally Moya got it 5-4

What can I say? the second set was marvelous.. I wish Coria would play this well in every match, there's no one who can beat him that way.. It was amazing watching the Final and watching Coria win so easily to 1998's Roland Garros' champion Moya..

Im thrilled, I wish David Nalbandian would have played..

I still can't believe how good this tournament was..

You had like 3 top tens.. 2 or 3(?) top 20s... a lot of top 30s-40s...

Very classy, for just 35 pts..

I think it deserved 50 pts this tournament, but it's ok!

I think it's not very fair that , for Example, Americans get like.. how many? 30? tournaments at home, a grand slam, a master series, etc.. where local players can just go and win easily than abroad, which it is sometimes and oftenly hard, if you are not well ranked..

I mean.. how many ATP points get USA adding up all tournaments?

And for example, Argentina get only 35 pts..

I may be wrong, but it doesn't look fair.

It shouldn't be that way, because that only enhances "big and powerful" countries to foster local players to grow, leaving other nations with potential good players with no equal opportunities. Take Argentina.

We had Vilas and Clerc, 20 years ago, and now we've got Nalbandian and Coria.. We've proven to be a country with good potential... but with no funds to foster players, like, for example France, (take Gasquet, he's the result of Roland Garros' money, invested in "bettering" players, I think that Argentina, with that money, or that kind of tournaments, would get more than 2 top tens every 20 years, .. I dunno,I think there's a lot to say, and i went on forever right now, so I should stop.

Thank u for your time! I hope Coria Wins Roland Garros and David, Wimbledon, (yeah..dare to dream :) )


02-23-2004, 12:28 AM
Well Fiber, welcome to the forum. As I see this was your first post, and I hope the first of many because I think it was great. I don't have much to add, I agree on everything you said. This was the first time I went to a tournament and I can't belive I have to wait a year to see these great, argentinian players play at home again. It doesn't seem fair at all...

02-23-2004, 05:30 AM
Thanks FiBeR for your really interesting post - as Jazz_Girl says - I hope it will be the first of many! I wish I could have been at this tournament, but I guess living in Europe I shouldn't complain because, as you say - we have so many more chances to see these players in other countries. And yes, I'm with you in the wish for David to win Wimbledon! I can't wait to see him play again and that is my home tournament :)