ATP asking for YOUR Feedback about the Blogs

10-18-2006, 02:59 AM

Hey Fans, Blog Us!

ATP players have enjoyed talking to you this year through the blog. And now it’s your chance to talk back to the players. (Check out this year's blogs)

Share your feedback with the players who made the blog a runaway success. Who were your favorite bloggers? What were the best anecdotes and funniest stories? What was the best one-liner?

And if you have a photo of yourself with any of our bloggers, feel free to send that in, too.

We’ll publish the best answers.

Please be sure to include your name, address and telephone number. Send your feedback to (Write 'Blog Us' in the subject line.)

10-18-2006, 03:10 AM
That's kind of hilarious. Why didn't they just take user comments while the blogs were going? Like, how hard is it to get an intern to sift through comments and moderate them? :rolleyes:

10-18-2006, 03:47 AM
I won't e-mail them, but some of the best liners for me are :

-"They steal all of our great ideas! Fist-Pumping, Grunting, Blogging, Sleeveless Shirts… They steal everything good ATP came up with. I’m surprised they haven’t stolen Feliciano… Ok, ok! That was uncalled for! But c’mon."
-"Thanks to me and my ability to convey logic to the two-meter embodiment of a female’s dream, we won the first set 6-3."
-"At the same time he is listening to Bow Wow and tries to sing along. The funniest stuff on Earth. A French dude is trying to rap! Impossible to watch without a condescending smile." (about Monfils)

-"I have also been busy this week selecting the photos for my 2007 calendar. It will be ready very soon. No, it is not a swimsuit calendar..."
-"Maybe I was a bit tired last night but when the waiter brought the check after dinner and it said 17,000 I freaked for a second. I thought how was it possible that my dinner cost $17,000....did I order the most expensive glass of wine in the world? Did I eat some rare delicacy in the tasting menu? Then I realized the price was in Yen..."
-"Captain Wasabi is a little drained from the match today, but as you can imagine, he is ready for anything. His entire security team has been put on full alert and will be patrolling tonight so let's hope they can thwart any attack."

Thomas Johansson
-"I had a little panic attack before I went out to play tonight. I was watching Marat Safin's match in the locker room with Roger Federer and Tim Henman and the television started to play up. The lines were going up and down and then they weren't even straight. I asked Roger and Tim if it was the TV or my eyesight and they said "The TV is perfectly okay." Of course, they were just having a little fun at my expense."