Hrbaty def Koubek 6-1 5-7 6-2

10-13-2006, 07:15 PM
The Dominator is into the semis of Vienna

10-13-2006, 08:34 PM
Way to fight Dom. :D You needed this badly.

10-13-2006, 10:42 PM
Good one Hrbaty, very much needed wins :)

bad gambler
10-13-2006, 10:49 PM
Vogus is delighted with the result ;)

10-14-2006, 02:40 AM
Big Vogus would be a happy camper if Dominik pulled an AO win out of his ass.

Action Jackson
10-14-2006, 06:34 AM
Good for week for both guys.

10-14-2006, 11:09 AM
According to the match report, Hrbaty didn't think Koubek had a prayer because of his superior fitness in such a physically demanding match.
He will test Ljubicic for sure.