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forehand help (please)

08-31-2006, 09:24 PM
ok here is my situation;

Lately on my forehand (im a lefty), ive been totally off. I have a semi western grip, and when i try to do my topspins, lately the ball has been either curving right down into the net, or go long. i dont know what kind of habbit i have i need to "debug" this problem. normally i got sharp, fast, and accurate forehands, and lately they have been feeling degraded... what im asking is, can anyone give me some tips that might improve my forehand? like for instance what causes it to go long, fly or into the net. I bend my knees, start from the low hip area i bring it through to just about my right shoulder...any help would be appreciated. thank you soso much

09-02-2006, 04:50 AM
Alright, what I am about to tell you should completely help you with your forehand.

Keep your upper arm right next to your chest during take back, to help with this, tie a belt around your upper arm and chest to keep it steady. This will feel awkward, but it is necessary. While at home, pick up a racket and swing to get the feel for it. Generate topsin with the arm, and power with the waist, much like a baseball player would. On the court, apply that to your game. Line up shoulder perpendicular to the net, upper arm close (not necessarily attached) but close to he chest and generate power by swinging through the ball while generating momentum with the upper body and waist. The whole thing will the belt keeps the swing tight and simple, not loose and complicated with waisted motion. It is a known fact that short and simple strokes are more accurate and powerful. REMEMBER TO KEEP IT TIGHT.