US Open Report Day 1/2

08-31-2006, 04:31 AM
I stuck around for days 1 and 2 of the open. Definitely regret getting the day 2 tix- fortunately I get a refund for next year - but still a day wasted

Day 1 - the delay actually helped as my friend who had the tickets was running late so we were only waiting maybe 15 minutes after we got in, went right to court 6 and watched all of

Youzhny v Hrbaty

Just amazingly played by Mikhail, his backhand was really great to watch, great serving as well. Hrbaty played a little off but not badly at all, Youzhny was just hitting amazing shots, I think he can do a lot this tournament if he plays like that. After the match, Mikhail saluted the crowd while holding his racquet on his head with his other hand then signed for a bunch of people.

Robredo v Saretta / Massu v Sanguinetti

Just a total blowout, Robredo played well, but Saretta was just awful the whole time I watched. I could turn around and also watch Massu v Sanguinetti which I did on the changeovers. Never noticed how much Massu leans to the side as he serves before. Davide was playing below average, his backhand looked especially weak, sloppy match during what I saw

Tried to watch a little of Srichaphan/Acasuso, but the court was way overcrowded especially with those annoying boomstick things, so I watched some of Maria Kirilenko and then


Arnaud just wasn't in it at all, making all kinds of silly errors at the net, at the baseline, everywhere, weird after he had such a good summer. Jiri played with confidence, moved surprisingly well, and served it out after getting the huge break at 5-5 in the third.

Safin/Coria/Tursunov practice

All three of them rotated in and out hitting rallies. What struck me was that Coria looked much improved and was serving fine. That is what makes his retirement so strange. I thought Marat was dragging a bit especially compared to how he looked practicing on Friday. Tursy was practicing a bit less than the other two but hitting the ball well

Gasquet v Simmonds

Richard played terrific to start, then his mind seemed to wander a bit early in the second set before getting the break. Simmonds didn't impress me too much, too bad as I'd like to see him do well since he's from Fairfax County where I live. Simmonds has strange footwork and delivery on his serve, I captured it on video, although it is a decent weapon. He has a good forehand and is also not afraid to come to net, where he can be effective at times, although he fell prey to some good passing shots. He has a double handed BH which is a weakness for him.

Wayne Ferreira came and sat down right by me and watched the match, (I have pictures - one of which I texted to a friend who always despised him...)

Baghdatis v Waske

Watched some of this one from the catwalk above the grandstand where I always try to watch at least one match as it has a cool overhead view of the match. Lots of Greeks and some Germans in the crowd. Waske has an amazing serve, although probably the slowest delivery I've ever seen, takes about 10 seconds to bring the ball up to toss, then was hitting high 130s MPH serves on the corners out wide. Also decent at net, but he moved like a statue and his groundies are below average. Baghdatis also served well, and neither guy looked like they could touch the other's serve, Marcos just played some smarter points in the tiebreaker.

Lopez v Ljubicic

F-Lo was unbeliveable in this match, from the baseline and serving and volleying, couldn't do wrong, even saved two of Ljubicic's smashes from way behind the baseline and then hit a great passing shot. Ivan looked like his serve was much less powerful than usual, possible arm problems from before I think. Funny interview with F-lo after the match, Mary Jo quite disappointed to find he had a girlfriend.

after watching the very end of Baghdatis finishing off Waske watched a little of Vaidisova-Rubin. Vaidisova has quite powerful groundies, but Rubin actually played pretty well for someone whos been out for ages

Alves v Zabaleta

I've never seen Mariano play live and had to see his serve up close at least once. Mariano was quite frustrated with himself, some of the shots are still there but he had no consistency which is all Alves needed in this match. Juan Monaco was there supporting Mariano. Alves is a consistent baseliner who likes to let out a strange grunt frequently.

Sania Mirza :drool: v Karolina Sprem

Unfortunately they moved the match from court 10 to the grandstand and we had to trek over there. Sania played really well, and hits a good hard ball, this was a well played match, and both girls looked great, Sania even more so

Malisse v Nieminen

Was hoping Nieminen would make this more of a close match. X man was sloppy at times but when his forehand was on he was very tough, some very good rallies. Lots of fans of both players there, this court was pretty crowded as not much else left on the grounds.

Went back the next day a little later as it was still raining. It cleared up for about half an hour, and then we watched Hewitt v Montanes. Hewitt looked like his shots were much weaker - I didn't realize his foot injuries, it makes sense as it seemed like he couldnt really plant into his shots. He was about to break at 5-5 when he slipped on the court and after the point walked to the side. That was it for action for the day. We walked around got some food and checked out the hall of fame Latin exhibit before leaving for the day. At least now I know I will be coming back next year.

08-31-2006, 04:35 AM
very nice, thank you, can you tell me more about what happened to Arnaud? did he look hurt, ther is no way Novak beats him, I dont get it somthing was wrong, Novak hadnt played all August and Arnie has been great this summer, what was up? thanks.

08-31-2006, 04:37 AM
Arnaud didn't look hurt...just not mentally into the match...I really didn't expect him to go out so meekly. Too many just shocking errors

08-31-2006, 04:39 AM
Yah I really dont get it :mad:

Oh and I think you ment Youhzy vs Hrbaty, not Berdych, but nice writeups and I hope you had a good time.

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Action Jackson
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Thanks for the reports Swiss.

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thanks for the report!

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I SO envy you, Swissmaster! That was a terrific day you just had!

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Great report! :yeah: Thank you for all the details. :)

08-31-2006, 02:18 PM
yeah, it was a good day - well the first day anyway :lol: