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Stupid question here, Cross-training shoes

08-22-2006, 06:53 PM

Can i get a Cross-Training shoes for my tennis? i jog, play basketball, starting to play tennis. i wonder if i can get cross-training shoes for tennis. i dont want to get a shoe for each sport that i do, i will go broke :)


09-04-2006, 02:33 PM
Hi, speaking as someone who plays sport and ex owner of Sportswear shop my advice would be that it is okay (not ideal but if needs must!) to use the same good quality cross trainer for basketball and tennis as the sports do have similar movements. In an ideal world you would have separate shoes for the different court surfaces you would come across, but hey its an expensive business so thats the way it goes. It's only the court surfaces (i.e indoor, out, acrylic, wood carpet etc) that would be a problem with sharing a cross trainer but the actual build and support they give would be pretty similar. My advice however, if you want to do running/ jogging as well is definitely go for a running shoe separate from the cross trainer-the reason? Running is almost exclusively a "forward motion" sport and also requires the correct amount of cushioning in the heel strike area-you could cause some damage to your heel area, achiles, calf and shins if skimping in this area which simply isn't worth it. A cheapish pair of running shoes would be better than trying to use one pair for all sport. I've noticed that ebay has lots of pretty good running shoes at unbeleivable prices, I've put in the tag "running shoes nad my size and been amazed at the quality and prices offerred - stick to main names and you won't regret it-in summary-one pair of great quality cross trainers (leather upper if poss multi-court sole) for a multitude of sports and one pair of reasonable running shoes for running only. and don't use the running shoes for other sports that require any lateral (side to side) movement as they are simply not made for it. Good luck in your hunt!

09-04-2006, 06:56 PM
Yes and no.

I wear Nike Free 7.0 trainers, and these are GREAT shoes. They develop some of the foot muscles you normally wouldn't, and I have found this to greatly help my balance and footwork. They are very light shoes, and have excellent foot support. I've played basketball in these shoes as well, and they are great for basketball but have almost no ankle support so injury would be quite likely.

The biggest problem with using trainers for tennis is outsole wear. Anyone who plays hard knows that shoes wear out pretty quickly and the expense can add up when you're getting good shoes. Some trainers might have outsoles that mark up the court as well, so be careful with what you chose.

Lateral support is paramount in a pair of tennis shoes, second to me would be how it wraps your foot, and third would be outsole wear. If you can find trainers that are good for these three things, then you might have a winner. Basketball requires more ankle support, and more cushioning because of the jumping. You can either get a shoe for both tennis and basketball, and end up buying shoes more often, or save up to shoes for each sport.

09-11-2006, 05:10 PM
Thank you both very much for your detailed explaination/answers. Much appreciated. I ended up bought a Columbia Cross Training (X-terrain) pair. And also a pair of Rebook running shoes. Running shoes will be for running only and hopefully the cross training for others.