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My presentation... Is there a Limit in your mind? check mine

07-26-2006, 05:06 AM
Hello, my name is Carlos and as new member of this forum I want to present me and to give me to know as much me as my game and régime of training.
I am right handed, backhand one handed, a first flat service and second of top spin combining with kick, I would like to improve my volleys in general and my approach shots.

I have been training my technique really hard during 4 months and I begin to notice many favorable results... my régime of training is:

6 AM jogging for 30 minutes
7:40 AM Routine of Gym (shoulder, chest, biceps and triceps with some abductor; everything with 3 series of 10 repetitions)
9 AM practice of service like half hour
4 PM training with the instructor
5 PM play with friends in the court
7 PM finishes the day

and that is the whole alone week that on Saturdays at 9 AM it's the day of play with friends until the 12 PM and Sundays rest the whole Day...

I am a player of 1.82 meters of stature with 21 years of age and I am to turn 2 years in the Tennis...

my objective is it arrive but high that I can and for the time being for the national competitions of my university. I have Two Rackets Prince Force 3 ICE Ti with tension to 67 lbs... I want to know if somebody knows of my rackets because it don't appear in the official site of prince, I want to know a little but on these rackets if it is that they really help to my type of game (the racket is mostly look like the Wilson of Federer of last year) with a mid swing... thank you