Seb retires from qrt against Agassi

01-27-2004, 04:51 AM
if anyone cares...

dont know what muscle it was but he pulled one and had to retired. i am just hoping its nothing too serious. Andre was playing amazing but its just so unfortunate that seb has had to pull out after a fantastic week. I'm so depressed

01-27-2004, 04:52 AM
He'll recover soon.

01-27-2004, 04:54 AM
groin pulls can take a while to get completely better... but at least it's nothing serious.

01-27-2004, 04:58 AM
How sad, and what a bad day for French players.

Unless Safin-Roddick is also very short, I think Agassi is looking more and more like our finalist, if not winner, with an easy match like this.

01-27-2004, 04:59 AM
I'm disappointed, too, esther, and you know I was cheering for Andre. No one wants a GS quarterfinal to end that way.

Hope Seb will recover quickly.

J. Corwin
01-27-2004, 05:10 AM
That was sad to see. Hope he recovers quickly.

Peta Pan
01-27-2004, 11:29 AM
It was awful :( I wanted to cry and go give him a hug :'(

Seb's already had so many injury problems, a groin strain is the last thing he wanted.

It's been a terrible time for the French players with Seb and Amelie today and last week Golmard had to retire after 1 set too (that made me really sad too because Jerome has been struggling so much with injury and has just started to play some good tennis again).


01-27-2004, 01:29 PM
Yuck, groin injuries are the worst.

Luckily, it's just a strain, and maybe it's not be too bad, because he was hopping around fairly well on the last point.

01-27-2004, 01:33 PM
It took him 6 weeks to get back into training last time. He'll miss the Open 13 for sure now...

01-27-2004, 02:00 PM
I hope not, because that would mean he'd miss the ABN/AMRO WTT as well.. But it's not just bad for us fans, it's extremely bad for Sébastien himself..

Ma. Estefania
01-27-2004, 02:39 PM
Too bad for Grosjean, he had made a great run, and almost quietly, no one expected him to reach that stage.....