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Looking for a new racquet and place to order from

07-07-2006, 01:11 PM
Ok, so in high school, I REALLY enjoyed playing tennis. When I got to college, I did not play it nearly enough. Now, my friend and I are starting to get back in the groove of tennis, as an alternate form of exercise to just straight running.

However, I was playing with my racquet from back in High school.. which means it is now over 9 years old. I had a wilson Graphite Select... part of their SPS (super ligh power series) line (wouldn't be suprised if you haven't heard of it). I believe it was oversized, and it was very light (especially w/all the chips on the frame accrued over the years lol).

We were playing yesterday... some REAALY great tennis. I won the first set 6-6 7-3 on the tie breaker. The next set was 6 him 5 me, I was winning the 6th, and I broke the strings, lol.

Now I need a new racquet!!

My play style is VERY touch based and I slice all the time. My serve is not fast, but has a HUGE curve on it. Generally speaking, people who play me on a regular basis know to start off in the doubles lane, and they still have to run to get it. I love drop shots, and need to place accurate lobs. I play very low on the grip, usually with a finger or two off (during serves). Other than that, I'm a huge noob.. so no other special requests. I ask for your advice just because I've been out of the loop for sooooooo long.

Also, with the advent of internet shopping.. I realize that you can get things WAY cheaper over the net... so I was wondering if there was a *reputable* cheap online place to buy tennis supplies. This doesn't mean that I'm not willing to put some money down for a good racquet, but if you know you can get it $20-50 cheaper somewhere else.. that's just being a smart shopper.

Thank you very much, and I appreciate any help I can get!!

07-11-2006, 02:54 AM
I am and always will be a gigantic fan of ebay. You can get racquets and any type of tennis supplies you need there for amazing prices, priced way below retail. As for which racquet you want is up to you, but since you seem like a pretty "Santoro" like player for lack of a better description I cant really recommend a racquet since I am more of a power baseliner :) :) :) You could try tenniswarehouse.com to demo racquets, their demo'ing program is pretty amazing and it will give you a few racquets to choose from and play test which will ultimately give you your best fit.

BTW I would never play with fingers hanging off of the racquet, it is probably giving you a really floaty slice instead of a more driving and penetrating slice that is much much better in rallies and on approaches. I hope I helped!