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01-18-2004, 06:29 PM
Liz, you had the pics of tennis mag, now you have the video (stade 2), of Richard in Boca Raton, who was filmed in december... lol
The quality is very bad...

In short:
He worked very hard, Tarik said Richard will be on the top physically not before 2 years, he has to work a lot.
He wants Richard plays only the big tournaments, to play the best players, to see how it's in the top nivel, to be used etc... (i agree 100% with him, i never understood why his former coach and his father wanted he played challengers...)
Indeed, the journalist compares richard and andy, blablablah, richard hopes to have the same carrier blablabla...
What else...Tarik said Richard is "un ange", i think u'll
At the end, it's funny, the jounalist concludes saying Richie has started to make lots efforts physically, he has improved...but in english... I let you to judge by yourself !! ( it's worse than i could think !!!) "Euuuhh, no, it's not correct, I'm a crap...i start again.....blablabla...euhh;ohh, I think I"m improving, no ?" !! (not really !!) LOL

That's all.

01-18-2004, 07:44 PM
Thanks Marine....I will have a look at it tonight :)
Do they have Richard running down the beach to the Baywatch theme song?! *kills self laughing*

01-19-2004, 09:49 AM
loool @ i'm a crap

01-19-2004, 09:51 AM

Liz here.....

"I feel good in Boca"

DUDE....I havent laughed so hard in years....Boca mst really bring out the man in him...I dont think I have ever seen him with his top off for that long....and look at him acting like a pimp in the spa!!!

GO MY LITTLE RICHRD GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)