Cool article- contrary to stereotypes-Feds- great physicality, Rafa- has good touch

Clara Bow
06-09-2006, 08:30 PM
I thought this was pretty neat, from Steve Tignor on

This is it, the end of a month and a half of dirtball. Federer and Nadal played in Monte Carlo way back in April and gave us a classic in Rome in May. As much as Iíve seen of them this spring, there were still aspects of their games that surprised and impressed me today. It may go against their reputations, but I found myself noticing Federerís raw physical skills, and Nadalís variety and smarts.

Compared to the thick, low-to-the-ground Nalbandian, Federer appeared positively elastic. He follows through halfway around his body on his backhand and can slide backward on a diagonal to whip topspin forehands from his shoetops. This allows him to create angles where there donít appear to be any.

Nadal is known as a bullish grinder, but he rarely loses a touch contest around the net. I love the little two-handed push passing shot he guides down the line as heís moving forward; or the hook backhand crosscourt pass on the run, a shot that Guy Forget says Nadal can hit because heís a natural righty. Finally, on an important point late in the match, Nadal ended up at the net. Ljubicic hit a lob that Nadal cracked back at him. Another lob, another hard overhead, another lob. On the third overhead, Nadal calmly took the pace off it and nestled it into the corner with sidespin. It was a beautifully thoughtful and subtle play.

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06-09-2006, 08:36 PM
Nice read, thank you

I think those 2 points mentioned by the journalist are very underrated. Federer looks scrawny, but I was very impressed with how physically fit he was in Rome having battled frm the quarters through the finals. I didnt think he would last 3 sets in the final and he went for 5 hours.
Nadal is considered a grinder or whatever but he has great touch at the net, and he can really hit some really slow paced amazing shots .

06-09-2006, 08:40 PM
Fed might look scrawny but look at his legs.Those legs keep him up for hours of play.Not as thick as Sampras but almost there.