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Think you had a good weekend on the punt?

Mr Flamboyant
06-06-2006, 05:29 AM
Here's what some assy mo-fo's jagged over the weekend just gone ..

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Want to know what AFL punters got up to on the weekend? Sportingbet Australia provides some of the more significant bets that emerged from round ten of the AFL. And it makes for interesting reading when every favourite saluted.

One punter wagered $3,000 on all 8 favourites straight out for a combined dividend of $17.66 for a collect of $52,980. For the record the winners were Adelaide / West Coast / Western Bulldogs / Collingwood / Fremantle / Sydney / Port Adelaide / Melbourne

There are couple of punters deserving of kudos here. First up and major honours to the punter who on their $50 all-up picked the entire card and every winning margin for a collect of $20,368

Not to be outdone another AFL aficionado had a $100 all-up on seven of the eight favourites winning by under 39.5 points. The game omitted from the all-up was Adelaide's 138 points thrashing of the Bombers and their return was $36,167.

One Sportingbet Australia client won $267,000 on multiples backing all 8 favourites. The multi’s were at both the line and at the winning margins.

Biggest scare of the week goes to the punter who chimed in with $10,000 on the Swans at $1.06 at quarter time when leading by 27 points. by three-quarter time the Kangaroos were ahead by seven points and into 1.53 favouritism only for Sydney and our punter to get out of jail for a $600 profit

Honestly, who'd waste a "pineapple" trying to pick every winner plus the margin?? Fortune favours the brave at times I guess!