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Rafa matches on DVD/VHS

05-14-2006, 07:55 PM

Those are mine:

Vs. Coria MC 2003
Vs. Moya Hamburg 2003
Vs. Federer Miami 2004
Vs. Roddick DC 2004
Vs. Hewitt AO 2005
Vs. Gasquet MC 2005
Vs. Coria MC 2005
VS. Ferrer Rome 2005
Vs. Coria Rome 2005
Vs. Burgsmüller RG 2005
Vs. Malisse RG 2005
Vs. Gasquet RG 2005
Vs. Grosjean RG 2005
Vs. Federer RG 2005
Vs. Puerta RG 2005
Vs. Waske Halle 2005
Vs. Armando Stuttgart 2005
Vs. Zib Stuttgart 2005
Vs. Verdasco Stuttgart 2005
Vs. Gaudio Stuttgart 2005
Vs. Agassi Montreal 2005
Vs. Reynolds USO 2005
Vs. Jenkins USO 2005
Vs. Blake USO 2005
Vs. Coria Bejing 2005
Vs. Ljubicic Madrid 2005
Vs. Gaudio MC 2006
Vs. Federer MC 2006

If anyone wants to trade, pm me:)

06-18-2006, 03:56 PM
I sell and trade these matches:

2004 MS Madrid Nadal-Sanguinetti 2nd r
2005 Australian Open Hewitt-Nadal 4th r
2005 MS Miami Nadal-T. Johansson QF
2005 MS Miami Nadal-Ferrer SF
2005 MS Miami Federer-Nadal F
2005 MS Montecarlo Nadal-Monfils 1st r
2005 MS Montecarlo Nadal-Gasquet SF
2005 MS Montecarlo Nadal-Coria F
2005 MS Rome Nadal-Canas 3rd r
2005 MS Rome Nadal-Ferrer SF
2005 MS Rome Nadal-Coria F
2005 Roland Garros Nadal-Federer SF
2005 Roland Garros Nadal-Puerta F
2005 Halle Waske-Nadal 1st r
2005 MS Montreal Nadal-Agassi F
2005 Beijing Nadal-Coria F
2005 MS Madrid Nadal-Ginepri SF
2005 MS Madrid Nadal-Ljubicic F
2006 Indian Wells Nadal-Hernych 2nd r
2006 Indian Wells Nadal-Grosjean 4th r
2006 Indian Wells Nadal-Baghdatis QF
2006 Indian Wells Blake-Nadal SF
2006 Atp Dubai Nadal-Henman QF
2006 Atp Dubai Nadal-Schuettler SF
2006 Atp Dubai Nadal-Federer F
2006 MS Montecarlo Nadal-Clement 1st r
2006 MS Montecarlo Nadal-Coria QF
2006 MS Montecarlo Nadal-Gaudio SF
2006 MS Montecarlo Nadal-Federer F
2006 Atp Barcelona Nadal-F. Lopez 2nd r
2006 Atp Barcelona Nadal-Nieminen QF
2006 Atp Barcelona Nadal-Robredo F
2006 MS Rome Nadal-Moya 1st r
2006 MS Rome Nadal-Volandri 2nd r
2006 MS Rome Nadal-Henman 3rd r
2006 MS Rome Nadal-Gonzalez QF
2006 MS Rome Nadal-Monfils SF
2006 MS Rome Nadal-Federer F
2006 Roland Garros Nadal-Kim (missing a few games) 2nd r
2006 Roland Garros Nadal-Mathieu (from 0-1) 3rd r
2006 Roland Garros Nadal-Hewitt (from 2-1) 4th r
2006 Roland Garros Nadal-Djokovic QF
2006 Roland Garros Nadal-Ljubicic SF
2006 Roland Garros Nadal-Federer F
2006 Atp Queen's Nadal-Fish 2nd r
2006 Atp Queen's Nadal-Verdasco 3rd r
2006 Atp Queen's Hewitt-Nadal QF
2006 Wimbledon Nadal-Bogdanovic 1st r
2006 Wimbledon Nadal-Kendrick 2nd r
2006 Wimbledon Nadal-Agassi 3rd r
2006 Wimbledon Nadal-Labadze 4th r
2006 Wimbledon Nadal-Baghdatis SF
2006 Wimbledon Federer-Nadal F

Andre forever
06-18-2006, 04:32 PM
question: are they in good quality? clear?

and how much per VHS? :wavey:

06-18-2006, 10:40 PM
Andre forever I sent you a PM.

Andre forever
06-19-2006, 12:35 AM
got it

06-19-2006, 05:33 AM
Are these complete matches and with trophy ceremonies for the Finals???

06-19-2006, 07:38 AM
Yes,almost all the matches are complete and almost all the finals include the trophy ceremonies.

Andre forever
06-19-2006, 10:47 AM
i got ur pm and i will let u know...i like ur prices...

btw..u might want to join here and post about ur collection..they may want to buy ur collections.. never know..


06-19-2006, 11:39 AM
Ok Andre,thanks!

07-24-2006, 09:39 PM
list updated with WIMBLEDON matches