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Liz's adventures in Sydney...

01-10-2004, 01:57 PM
Liz is back and Liz had a very exciting day. Liz also wants you to know that even though she drank non stop for 15hrs she didn't wake up with a hangover.

So anyway, have to make this short now cos Liz is totaly ditching her friend, I have just come back from a couple of bars in the city, I took it easy tonight.

ANYWAY - Yes I saw Richard and yes he said no to me hmph, but that is understandable and I am over it but now I won't go near him again. I ended up hiding.

Via I was at Richard's 2nd match....I was sitting like 3 seats down from his dad at one stage but then my friend and I moved into the shade just after the 2nd started and we were next to his mum and Tarik.

So yes, Richie played really well I thought, so at the end of the match I refused to go and ask for a photo so I made my friend go and take up my key ring, which is a wee tennis ball and got him to sign it. He looked at it funny but did it any way, autograph is tiny and it is freaking hillarious!

Hmmm so yes btw Via - I was wearing like all black, black singlet top and a short black skirt, and was carying around a freaking shopping bag cos I had clothes for tonight....

Moving me friend and I were waitig to get the bus when all of a sudden I saw Paulo and at first I thought it was cos I hadn't eaten all day and was ready to pass out but surely enough it was him, so he came outside and went to train so we went and watched.

Than man is more beautiful i person I swear and OMG THE CURLS>>>>> *dies* ANywhoo watched him train for the whole freaking session, yes I am dedicated.....and at one stage this guy came over and started talking to him in english and I was sitting litteraly half a meter behind him, so the convo went something like this EXCLUSIVE NEWS PEOPLE>>>>> RIGHT FROM THE HORSES MOUTH!!!

Guy: Paul Henri Mathieu *snickers*
Guy: How are you?
Paulo: Happy New year
Guy: Happy new year to you too
Guy: How is your wrist?
Paulo: It's really sore
Paulo: I cannot hit a backhand, it hurts too much
Guy: You know what is wrong?
Paulo: I have torn the ligament (I ALMOST DIED when i heard that cos that is what was wrong with Marat last year :sad
Guy: Do you tink you will be ok for Melbourne?
Paulo: No, No I don't know, I hope I will be, I dont know

So they talked about oher random stuff an I wanted to cry cos Paulo was kina sad......

THEN later on FUNNIEST thing happened....Paulo pulled his stretchy ting out of his bag and his undies fell out with it and I dont think he realised so he is standing infront of my friend and I looking at us while he did these stretches and we are like killing ourselves laughng (the sun got to us) and he is looking at us strangely and he had no idea...wheeeeeee. lol

Yeah so anyway, that was pretty much it, nothing overly strenuous (sp???).

Hopefully Paulo plays AO cos it would really suck if he didnt, but I have to say he was traning really well....other stuff happened ut I have to go and spend time with me friend so will enlighten you all when I get back to Melbourne tomorrow!!!!

This has turned out to be and bad.


01-10-2004, 03:12 PM
no pic, no autograph ???

I am so disguted, so sad for Paulo.........:sad:

01-10-2004, 08:12 PM
pics and autographs r to come...give Liz time to rest and to develop pix! ;)

01-11-2004, 07:51 AM
LOL - yes let me sleep!!! Ugh....fatigue fatigue fatigue...

Anyway, photos were taken on my friends camera cos mine died, some are on the digital cam and others are on her other camera with the SUPIER DOOPER zoom...all the richard ones were taken with the huge ass lens WHEEEE so when I get them back I will get them scanned and stuff!!! :)

01-11-2004, 11:00 AM
just promise me something, ok?...... if your friend happened to have snapped me nearby, have me cropped off, alright? i'd happily sit for another session for you, lol......

otherwise will be looking forward to all the pics ;)