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May 6-7 Weekend Unders/Overs ..

Mr Flamboyant
05-05-2006, 03:43 AM
Thought I'd start a new thread on this seeing as the other one's some five or so pages long ..

The total in tonight's Hurricanes v Reds clash is set at 41.5 points .. heard that conditions over there are fairly horrendous but given the Reds' current state I'd just about back the Canes to give the set total a fair nudge on their own .. They piled on 35 against the Chiefs at home last week, and while I know you can't just assume they'll score more against the Reds because they're a weaker side ect, they should be pretty keen on a bonus point win to push their cause for a top two spot.

The main concern I guess is, how many the Reds can score ??

Mr Flamboyant
05-05-2006, 08:53 AM
Aaaaahhhhh! Hate missing out on sitters .. Hurricanes - Reds total (41.5) en route to an over as predicted (23-15 after 60 mins) but don't have a dime on it! :boxing: