Martin Verkerk : Comeback ? Will it be in time for the FRENCH OPEN ?

04-17-2006, 06:29 PM
I read this really interesting article just this week; an interview with former French-open finalist Martin Verkerk and his current status as a player.

Noticeable facts were that he admitted he had crashed the party scene, burning the midnight oil on many occassion, as a means to deal with his frustrations ergo his shoulder injury.

He said it wasn't like he had become an alcoholic, but had really sunk on a personal level.

That butthead coach of his NICK CARR, though dubbed by VERKERK as a great coach, turned out to be less great as a person...

VERKERK had asked NICK CARR after an non-playing hiatus of 18 months, a time during which he kept on paying CARR's salary (pretty decent salary too, as reported) whether he'd agree to a less higher fee, seen as he was not playing ergo NOT making any money. CARR was totally opposed and even took it to the media level attacking VERKERK's persona.

His fitness coach was far more understanding and did agree ... now VERKERK tried to make his comeback, but dropped out of a CHALLENGER with a stomach-injury (sad fact of course :sad: )

LET's hope he can play the FRENCH OPEN, it would be nice for Tennis, DUTCH tennis in particular.

It was a telling story, really, though I'm not a fan per se, I hope he makes it, as he plans on playing for 5 more years. GO 4 IT !! :)

04-17-2006, 06:31 PM
Hope so.

04-17-2006, 06:35 PM
It would sure be nice to have a former FINALIST at the FRENCH, then again ... half of spain is probably a former finalist :p

It's also a question as to how his current playing level is standing, and / or how fast he can get some clay rythem.