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Britain fined for Murray outburst

04-09-2006, 05:46 PM
Great Britain have been fined $2,500 (£1,434) for Andy Murray's outburst aimed at the umpire in their Davis Cup clash with Serbia & Montenegro.

The 18-year-old was incensed by a call during his and Rusedski's doubles defeat to Nenad Zimonjic and Ilia Bozoljac on Saturday.

Murray vented his fury by swearing at the umpire during and after the match.

The teenager said of the incident: "We got an absolute shocker and I told the umpire how bad he was."

The British number one refused to shake hands with umpire Adel Aref after the defeat, which put Britain 2-1 down in the tie.

Murray admitted he had sworn at the umpire.
"It's a tough one because you see footballers swearing after every single foul that gets given or every time the ref makes a bad decision," he said.

"I swore at the umpire (and they have) a microphone just below the umpire's chair. I would have preferred everyone not to hear it but that's what happens in sport sometimes when you get angry."
And doubles partner Rusedski called for a sense of perspective.

"You have to take into account he is 18. He's made a mistake at the end of the match, which all of us have," he said.

"I've sworn at Wimbledon, used every bad word you can possibly imagine on Centre Court.

"He has already accomplished so much, he is going in the right direction but he's going to have a few difficult moments. He'll get over them and he learns from things.

"He is very mature in a lot of respects. I think it's another learning experience for him. Let's not be too critical of him, let him move on."

I like him though, hes a young lad and he's eager. Exactly what Britain need.

04-10-2006, 07:02 AM
He's young and DC is so important to everyone who plays it so emotions are always high. Tho I think he went a little too far. Andy is known for being fiesty so this is no surprise. Plus the fine is laughable. :lol: