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MTF (v-cash) March Quarterly Report
03-28-2006, 11:45 PM
Quarterly Report

Close to 1/4 of the way through the year, and the top 10 features representation of members from all groups except the Mensa Society, the Rowdy Romanians, the Conservatives and the Cro-bots.

I am at this point in time unable to provide further commentary on the Fortune 500 members. This is due to a recent lack of accurate auditing which is beyond my control.

Throughout this quarter, v-GDP has experience solid growth as have individual's v-incomes in general. This is particularly noticeable amongst the high v-income earners at the top end of the market. The entry level for the top 10 has increased from just over v$10,000 to upwards of v$20,000 - once the top 500 results are released, I shall be able to paint a more accurate picture, but at this point in time we're looking at an inflation rate at upwards of 100%.

The current boom is expected to continue a little longer and prospects remain high for the short term, but it is unlikely that growth will be able to continue at this rate for much longer. If past performances are anything to go by, all it takes is a series of unpredictable results and the bubble could well and truly burst.

Of course, some minor changes to government policy could potentially take the sting out of the potential fall, but I don't think anyone should begin counting on such reform from an extreme right wing government anytime soon. While all the private enterprises continue to receive generous financial and emotional support, the public entities continue to be mistreated and crowded out of the financial markets.

To be completed...