IMPORTANT! Request to SPANIARDS with Canal+D3!!! [Archive] -

IMPORTANT! Request to SPANIARDS with Canal+D3!!!

03-11-2006, 09:53 AM
mamasue wrote on that Rafa's Documentary from Shanghai is going to be broadcast today, Saturday, by Spanish Canal +.

Here's the link with info:

If someone in Spain has access to Canal+ could you please please please record the documentary?

Thanks! :wavey:

03-12-2006, 07:37 AM

It doesn't have to be a DVD recording, it can be VHS. Anke on said she can convert it if she gets the video cassette.

These are the dates when it's going to be rerun on Canal + D3:

(Saturday 11th)
Sábado 11 de marzo (Estreno - 1st showing) 20:13h. Canal +
Sábado 11 de marzo (Estreno) 20:43h. Canal + ...30
(Thursday 16th)
Jueves 16 de marzo 18:44h. Canal +
Jueves 16 de marzo 19:14h. Canal + ...30
(Wednesday 22nd)
Miércoles 22 de marzo 01:27h. Canal +
Miércoles 22 de marzo 01:57h. Canal + ...30
(Monday 27th)
Lunes 27 de marzo 19:35h. Canal +
Lunes 27 de marzo 20:05h. Canal + ...30