Please help for the information of the tennis practised in your country

03-02-2006, 10:06 AM
Hi, freinds, I am a chinese postgraduate student majored in tennis, I'm preparing a dissertation to analyse the condition of tennis as an industry in China.
I need to make a comparative analysis with the western countries. But I'm short of the relative informations, so I want to try my chance at this forum to see if anybody can help me. Any information and documentation about the tennis consumption in your country is welcome, such as the tennis expansion in population, the annual budget for a tennis amateur, the overall value of tennis industry, the target consumer of tennis etc. If you have a link to specific website, please donn't hesitate to tell me , thank you very much. :worship:

03-02-2006, 11:12 AM
You might find something about Australia on the TA website

03-02-2006, 12:48 PM is about tennis in germany, but as its only in german it probably won't help you :rolleyes:

03-02-2006, 03:45 PM
Please tell them to help more Li and Pheng :mad:

03-02-2006, 07:06 PM
well in the USA tennis isnt really a big sport. i know at my school there isnt much of a budget for tennis, we didnt have any uniforms last year. its also expensive if you want to learn, because in the winter (at least in the north where i live) you have to rent courts (like $30 per hour) along with tennis lessons (starting at $50 per hour) plus a racket which a good one is usually around $200.

not many people play tennis seriously, most get into it as they get older to excersise.

hope that helped

03-02-2006, 09:49 PM
Major in tennis... :haha:
Come to MTF for your homework and when you need a final project you can analyse some General Messages posts :haha:

03-03-2006, 12:47 AM
you can major in tennis :eek::haha:

03-03-2006, 02:16 AM
It's kinda weird a major in tennis, but I'll try to help.

Here in Brazil, tennis is not a popular sport either. And before Guga it was even worst, since we couldn't even have access to the top materials (racquets, shoes...) anywhere in the country.

We have a budget for the young tennis players. The top 5 of each age receives a certain ammount of money, which is enough to buy equipment, travel and subscribe in all the national tourneys, at least. The problem is that this money is not used very well. Some young players use it to buy lots of crap just to show for the other players.

Anyway, we have the site, which is from the Brazilian confederation. I don't know if it will help, but I hope so.

If you need any specific stuff, please let me know, and I'll do some research around.

Hope you are successful in your paper! :P

Edit: The ammount of money is for the players from the state where I live (Bahia, which is the home of Brazil Open). I don't knowhow it works at other states.

03-07-2006, 12:20 PM
First of all, thanks very much for those who replied me generously and correctly (for those who mocked on the tennis major, I have nothing to give other than pity for their narrow scope).

But actually, what I really want is the credible and complete local statistic of tennis as a leisure activity. Maybe I'd better ask for help from the official organisations. But if you have any (not just your personnal experience, please), please donn't hesitate to tell me. Cheers.

David Kenzie
03-07-2006, 12:44 PM
In France, tennis is the 2nd sport after football in number of club players (over 1 million). The cost of playing is very cheap as you can be a member of a club for an annual fee often under 100 euros (bigger clubs obviously are more expensive and are closer to 300-400 euros). This annual fee gives you :
* free access to the courts all year (when available)
* the right to play official competitions (team leagues and individual tournaments)
* an official rating updated 3 times a year

There are more than 8000 clubs in France and plenty of indoor courts.

More information in french at

An example :
My town has 15000 inhabitants. It's club has about 160 members. We have 6 outdoor courts and 2 indoor (greenset). The cost of membership is 85 euros / year for an adult. There are cheaper costs for children and large families. Tennis lessons are also quite cheap : 50 euros / year for adults in groups for 2 hours a week, free for children.

03-07-2006, 01:57 PM
Tennis federation in Poland is but I doubt if they speak English out there :lol:

Good luck anyway :)

03-07-2006, 02:00 PM
Important: Make sure you don't contact any association abroad BEFORE you get permission from the Chinese Ministry of Obtaining Information on Sports.

03-07-2006, 02:13 PM
OK, that's what I found in English about Estonian tennis.
If you're not interested only in the financial side here the link
You may check out the whole Tennis Europe ( site.

03-13-2006, 10:39 AM
Thanks very much, all of my freinds. Especially, MariaV and Gouzo, the site MariaV mentioned and the information Gouzo offered about the French tennis are very helpful and relevant for my research.
Furthermore, I'd like know something more, more in depth and more in detail. This thread is far more completed, please donn't hesitate to tell me more.

03-13-2006, 10:44 AM
Swiss tennis website:

03-13-2006, 11:10 AM
The Irish website is, but we're not really a tennis-minded nation...
Right now, I live in Belgium, and with the whole Clijsters-Henin thing going on, they are quite into the game at the moment. Maybe you'll find more on
Good luck!

03-13-2006, 12:29 PM
In the United States, the organization is the USTA, (

However, tennis here can be (like anything else) an expensive sport, as those in colder climates have to join indoor tennis clubs (private or public) and still pay for court time and lessons. Private lessons can run (in my own community) $70.00+ per hour.

On the junior level, travel and accomodations are at the expense of the player (player's family) and unless a junior demonstrates exceptional prowess or has "contacts" within the USTA, the national organization doesn't really do much.

My comments tend to be rather biased, but based on conversation with many a tennis parent, I have found that they are really not unfounded.