Dream Match Tennis Online

02-27-2006, 03:38 PM
There's a game Ive been playing called Dream Match Tennis Online. The game is great! The only drawback is it needs more players. Since I can't buy Top Spin here in the US, I got this game - it has a free demo and is only $10 to buy.

I can't create a game on my PC so I have to get lucky when someone else is already in waiting for a partner. So I am here to recruit more players. According to all the Euro players I've been playing with-the game is better than Top Spin Tennis- they say Top Spin has better graphics but Dream Match is much more realistic and less laggy.

Please give it a try! I need partners. Also if anyone here already has it, post and we can set up a match time. I usually play After 9pm Pacific.

Oh yeah you can download at http://www.bimboosoft.com/

No I don't work for bimboosoft, just a fan of the game...

02-28-2006, 03:36 PM
Aww c'mon. No takers?