Malisse will chat on ESPN in 20 min (3pm Eastern) (Transcript now included)

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Just saw this posted on the ATP site - short notice.... take out the space after the P in the URL


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please do not ask him questions about sex

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LOL!! Unlike the Djokovic chat, ESPN chats are moderated and he'll only get asked selected questions ;)

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I can guarantee there will be no sexual questions in this one.

Not to mention he has a smokin hot girlfriend already.

Yea, anything from ESPN and AOL is 100% clean.

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Here's the transcript.... nothing really earth-shattering lol
SportsNation Buzzmaster: (3:02 PM ET ) We're giving Xavier a call in Memphis right now!

Michael: Framingham, MA: What are you doing differently now that you can contribute to your recent success?

SportsNation Xavier Malisse: (3:04 PM ET ) I did a lot more physical stuff in the offseason. I've been doing that the last couple of years, but I wouldn't maintain my physical conditioning. I've been traveling with a physical trainer to keep me in good shape. Staying in shape keeps you up.

Jerry: foster city CA: When you prepare to serve, what are your basic thoughts..

SportsNation Xavier Malisse: (3:05 PM ET ) I don't like to think too much, but you get ready. Make sure you're well rested if you've played a long point. You pick a side. You think a little bit of where you've been serving the last point or game. Then you just go for it whatever side you've picked.

Susan, TN: How do you like Memphis?

SportsNation Xavier Malisse: (3:07 PM ET ) I've been here many years. This year it's been cold. I like the tournament. It's one of my first tournaments since I turned professional. I like it. It's a good atmosphere. They give us a car, so we can get around.

Michael, Framingham, MA: what kind of physical training are you doing more of?

SportsNation Xavier Malisse: (3:08 PM ET ) I'm lifting more weights. I feel stronger. I'm doing more footwork, which is very important. If you have a week off, you can go hard with your conditioning. I'm just lifting more so I don't get injured so I get stronger.

Kyle (Wyoming): Xavier, at the Adelaide tournament, you played both singles and doubles, reaching the finals in singles and semifinals in doubles. How were you able to plan your time and practice to allow for playing in both tournaments?

SportsNation Xavier Malisse: (3:10 PM ET ) Adelaide actually played two matches a day. I played singles and doubles on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. You always play singles first. You don't hit too much on the day off, because you played so much the day before. But being in shape now, it feels good.. Every week playing singles and doubles on the same day wouldn't be ideal, but doing it early in the year is good. It helps you get some matches under your belt.

Steve (Chicago): Hey X-Man, I think you're a great player. I heard when you were younger you were a better soccer player than tennis player. Is that true? If so, what made you choose tennis?

SportsNation Xavier Malisse: (3:11 PM ET ) I didn't play better, but I played a lot of soccer. In Belgium that's the number one sport there. I chose tennis because I was playing tournaments and was winning a lot of them. It's easier to pick a sport when you're winning. I had to choose, because playing both was impossible. I still play soccer now with some buddies if I can.

Jill (Los Angeles): Hi Xavier! You seem to have a lot of success on all surfaces - which one is your favorite to play on and why?

SportsNation Xavier Malisse: (3:13 PM ET ) I grew up on clay. So that was my favorite until I was 17. I've been in Florida for 8-9 years so I think hard court outside is my favorite right now. I like to play on all surfaces. Grass, I feel is like 3 weeks of fun.

Sean (Wisconsin): Hey X-Man, love your game. How well do you think you're playing this year? You've already played your way into two final singles matches and one in doubles.

SportsNation Xavier Malisse: (3:14 PM ET ) I'm playing the best tennis that I've played mainly because I'm in shape. I feel like I can beat anybody. This is by far the most consistent I've played. This is the best start I've had since I started playing. Being in good shape, I feel like I can play with anybody.

Scott (Arizona): X-Man! Which do you prefer, playing singles or doubles?

SportsNation Xavier Malisse: (3:15 PM ET ) Singles. For sure. I'm a singles guy. I like playing doubles because it's good practice. You can work on your game a little bit.

Todd Rubin (Philadelphia, PA): You played Bryan Baker in the second round of the US Open this year. What is your opinion of him as a player?

SportsNation Xavier Malisse: (3:16 PM ET ) I think that tournament he played really well. He was confident. I got lucky. I lost the first set 7-6 and we had a good match. I played really good tennis. I haven't seen him play too much, but he's solid. He's a good player. He hasn't got too many matches in but he's still young.

Fritz : Leverkusen.Germany: X,you are and excellent t-player. When you are in good shape,you can be on the top and almost beat anybody. When will you succeed in a Grand-Slam? What is your favourite Grand-Slam. Best wishes.

SportsNation Xavier Malisse: (3:17 PM ET ) I love playing in New York. I've always played well there. I love the atmosphere. I love Australia, the country. It's great. Playing wise, I like New York. Favorite one? It's tough to pick one, but if I have to, it's New York.

Erika (Marlboro, New Jersey): What do you think of using machines to call lines or using replay?

SportsNation Xavier Malisse: (3:19 PM ET ) I like it. I think there's too many matches get decided by the wrong call sometimes. It's normal to miss the ball, it goes so fast. But I would like to see it or at least put it on and give a player 4-5 challenges. I would like to see it. It would be stupid to see a match get decided by one call. To battle for 3 hours and have it end like that would be bad.

Henry (Trenton, NJ): whos ur favorite opponent to play, and why?

SportsNation Xavier Malisse: (3:20 PM ET ) It's tought. Everybody plays so well these days. All the matches are difficult. There's people that I hate to play. It's not like I look forward to play anyone, they're all tough matches.

Alan Ga: Hey Xavier I'm a huge fan I play tennis and i have trouble returning the harder serves do you have any tricks to help me along with that?

SportsNation Xavier Malisse: (3:21 PM ET ) I don't know. It all depends on how hard it comes. You have to go with the flow a little bit. When we play Roddick you have to move your stance to give him a different look. It's more that you have to block it than hit it.

Juliana (Vlaanderen, Belgium): Dag Xavier! How are things with the Belgian Davis cup team? Do you plan to return (I, for one, am looking forward to it)

SportsNation Xavier Malisse: (3:22 PM ET ) I've had some trouble with the federation. As of now, I haven't decided too much, because I want to do my program that I've set for the year. We're up against the Ukraine right now, but I won't be there. I would like to play, but I think it has to be right for me. Playing for your country is always nice.

Beck (GA): Do you have any strategy in the middle of a match?

SportsNation Xavier Malisse: (3:23 PM ET ) It depends. If you're winning, you keep the same strategy. But sometimes if it's not going well, you try to hit higher percentage shots. You have to mix it up a little bit. Mix up your game. After playing so long, you know which player does what.

Stephanie (New York): Which win in your career are you most proud of?

SportsNation Xavier Malisse: (3:24 PM ET ) I played a match against Henman at the U.S. Open. That one I played great. The atmosphere was great. Sometimes, the one you're most proud of isn't a win. I played Agassi at the Open. I played well, but lost in five sets. That one stands out too.

Dean (NYC): Xavier - At this point in your career, do you still find aspects of your game to work on?

SportsNation Xavier Malisse: (3:25 PM ET ) You get better every day. I feel like my strokes are in place. Everything's going well. I've work a lot on my serve. I feel like everything is in the right place. The aspects I needed to work on was my physical conditioning and I'm doing that.

Chris (Boston): With your shot making ability, what's your pre-match attitude - dictate play agressively, be more conservative, or play it match by match?

SportsNation Xavier Malisse: (3:26 PM ET ) I want to be more aggressive. That's definitely my main thing. Sometimes you have matches where you don't need to take risky shots. Eight or nine out of 10 matches I'll stay aggressive and play my game.

Tim (Philadelpiha, PA): Hey Xavier, What is your favorite city to play in and why?

SportsNation Xavier Malisse: (3:27 PM ET ) Favorite overall city? It's tough to say. I'd have to stick with New York. Just because of the atmosphere. The people are into it and that's what I like. It's always packed. It's so nice to have that and it feels good to play in that.

Todd (Philadelphia, PA): Xavier--Do you feel that you play stronger when you are behind (say down a set) or when you are leading?

SportsNation Xavier Malisse: (3:29 PM ET ) Good question. Yesterday is a good example. I started on fire. I couldn't miss. It's tough to keep your concentration. Maybe you do play a little better when you're behind. You have to work harder. But it's tough to answer. If you're playing well, you're playing well. It goes both ways.

Abhi (West Sacramento, CA): Hey Xavier! How does the competition look for you at this year's French Open? What are you doing to prepare yourself differently against your known rivals? Do you enjoy playing on clay courts?

SportsNation Xavier Malisse: (3:30 PM ET ) The competition is the same as in Australia, it's the top 100. I play 4-5 tournaments before to get used to clay. I think clay is a thing that you have to get used to. There are different bounces. That's another good thing about being in good shape. A lot of times those matches are decided by who is in better shape.

J. Bluei: Bayridge, NY: Comment: You are a phenonemal talent, and have great skill.. I hope you win a major won day, and achieve all goals up to that Question: I was wondering how you prepare in the off season, and if you train on the red clay of spain or in the states?

SportsNation Xavier Malisse: (3:32 PM ET ) I will practice on the red clay in Europe because it's totally different. The green clay is a lot faster. Red clay is just different. After that I'll go to Valecia to practice there. I've never prepared in the States. It's better to practice in Europe.

Andrew (RI): Do you have any tennis idols?

SportsNation Xavier Malisse: (3:33 PM ET ) When I was younger my idol was Mats Swilander. Now, it's tough. You play yourself. You try to do your own thing. Now the idol thing has kind of gone away.

SportsNation Xavier Malisse: (3:34 PM ET ) Thank you for staying behind me and supporting me and the questions. Thank you for joining me today and chatting.

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Sounds like thirty minutes of good solid questions. I think he could have gone into detail a little on some like who he prefers to play.

:cool: X-Man

Interesting how he trains on the red clay in Europe and still is very awesome on hardcourts.

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Xav :cool: