Woody Allen Tennis Movie: Good for Tennis?

12-21-2005, 06:07 PM
I was just looking at the Yahoo! homepage and I see there's a movie called 'Match Point' coming out soon. It's directed by Woody Allen and stars Scarlett Johansson. Here's the link.


Does anyone think it'll do anything to 'revive' tennis in the US?

El Legenda
12-21-2005, 06:13 PM
Comedy, Drama and Thriller

must be good :rolleyes:

12-21-2005, 06:17 PM
The film is great but I don't really think it will revive tennis in the USA. A slam won by an american player would be more efficient than this movie.

12-21-2005, 08:41 PM
I want to see it. I would go just for Scarlett alone.

12-21-2005, 08:50 PM
It was nominated for a Golden Globe for best drama, so that's good. But how much does it actually feature tennis? If it were to paint tennis in a good light, then that'd be good, but if the fact that some of the characters are involved in tennis is just a collateral thing, then I don't think it'd have much effect. Plus, the movie hasn't been getting a lot of attention here so I doubt it'll do much at the box office :shrug:

David Kenzie
12-21-2005, 09:09 PM
I saw it a couple months ago. It's pretty good but it is not a film about Tennis. Tennis is just a background storyline, and the scenes about tennis are pretty cheesy to say the least.
One quote that made me laugh was "who's better : Agassi or Rusedski ?" :lol:

12-21-2005, 09:20 PM
it would be better if it was more into tennis

12-21-2005, 11:06 PM
no, not good for tennis, because the movie is not really about tennis. The tennis is just a background setting.

12-22-2005, 08:28 AM
It might cause one or two people to stop flipping channels and stay on a channel that is showing a tennis match at the time, but to answer the question, no, I don't think it will be "good" for tennis because I don't think the movie is popular enough to effect the popularity of tennis in the USA... :unsure: