Quiz night

12-05-2005, 06:41 PM
We're going to run a quiz night in December on the Andy Murray message board: http://www.****************/forum.spark?forumID=61841&subForumID=163247

The quiz will be on world tennis 2004-2005. Questions will be on the women's and men's tour and there will be questions on British tennis. There will be between 80-120 questions.

Possible dates are 3rd, 4th, 11th, 17th, 18th December.

It will start at 7.45 pm on whichever date is chosen.

Format: All questions are multiple choice with 4 possible answers. I will post the questions at 30 second intervals. Those involved will write down their answers at home [don't post them on the site until the end of the quiz.] After all the questions have posted I will post a notice asking everyone to post their answers on the thread and I will mark them and announce the winner.

If you're interested in taking par, please post a message on the quiz night thread in the "Latest Andy Murray news" section, stating your name and your preferred date. Either that or email me your name and preferred date at: davalancox@hotmail.co.uk