whad ya think

12-04-2005, 07:15 PM
let me tell you guys sumin----

i wanna be a pro somw day.....i play a hell of a lot, and try all the time, but of course, im doing some studying (parents made me) so time is not of the essence....but i have been told by numerous people that i need to do more work at home or in the gym , on my fitness. Well, i have been lifting weights (but as we all know, you need a fuck load more than that for tennis)..

so i have got my skipping rope- which i have been doing for a while now, but ill increase the tempo on that.

I know that a pro does about 2 hrs a day, so ill do about 1hr 30 min, coz of school. I have decided to do some cardio int he morning for about an hour. Then do half hour at night of weight lifting.

so what im askin, is firstly if this is a good idea, as a plan....

secondly is more specific... i was wondering anyone can gimme any good exercises for my balance, and core balance. (im not even sure if they are the same thing)

thanks a lot guys, this will really help.

12-04-2005, 07:39 PM
For balance: Yoga and Pilates, both really.

Core: Three of the best ab exercises, which are the bicycle, the reverse crunch, and the regular crunch. Look them up, though I would do the reverse crunch combined with a regular one for more effect.

You should also do more than half an hour of lifting. Maybe an hour.

Otherwise, you should look into your own methods for improving your style of play, really. Punching bags, with weight restraints on your shoulders and arms is a good exercise for serve and volleyers.