Young Agassi vs Older Agassi?

prima donna
11-12-2005, 02:43 PM
Is it just me or are these individuals not completely different off the tennis court but on the court as well ? The only thing that's similar to the style of tennis Andre was playing in the early 90's is his "charlie brown" walk from one side of the court to the other after a point.

In the early 90's, he was a "forehand and a hair-cut" - Lendl ... which pretty much summed him up ... he played a big game for such a small body ... he was 5'11" 145lbs and really not that consistent, but like most young players would pull off crazy shots.

Now, his game is completely different: He's hitting much more flat, he's removed lots of spin from his game, his forehand is still a huge weapon, but he's putting in a more workman like effort. He's much more blue collar, no more glamour in his game.

So, it seems like a transition between two individuals:
Early portions of his career more of a shot maker with some added uNF and now he's this extremely consistent player that hardly ever goes for a bad shot, bordering almost defensive.

So, my question is: If you have to label his style of play now, what would it be ? Defensive or Technician? His game is so versatile that I can't quite put my finger on it. I'm lost. Input would be appreciated. It's tough for me to call him an all-court player, though he does most things relatively well, his volleying leaves a lot to the imagination.

11-12-2005, 06:06 PM
answering ur question, i think he's far from being defensive, he 's got beautiful and precise shots,and yes may be, he 's a baseline resident,but he plays in an agressive style, he waits for the right moment to place his shots down lines or very close to them.and comparing the two agassis..i honestly never liked the young one, but i do respect the older verrry much :)

11-12-2005, 06:25 PM
his "charlie brown" walk from one side of the court to the other after a point.

finally someone comes up with a good way of describing it! :)

11-12-2005, 06:56 PM
He plays a traditionally defensive playing style (baseline play, as oppposed to net rushing) in an extremely aggressive way (both positionally and in terms of pace).

I think his game has become very interesting in recent years, even if there is less "improvisation" than in his early years. It's a very fine-tuned machine --- every stroke is a calculation of risk, balancing aggression against percentage play. Shots seem to be measured to within centimeters of the lines, and yet he has enough of a command of the geometry of the court to hit these again and again. Lately he has been seeing opportunities to come into net more clearly. His backhand drop shot has become quite reliable and is beautifully disguised. His resorts to his one-handed slice backhand more (perhaps because of decreased mobility) --- this shot has more bite and seems more trustworthy than before (maybe Steffi has been giving him lessons?) His footwork is still incredible in terms of precision, knowing exactly where he needs to be to hit the ball perfectly --- it's just too bad he can't cover as much ground as he once did.

11-12-2005, 07:17 PM
I think old Agassi would beat young Agassi, he's in better shape and is much more consistant!

11-12-2005, 08:36 PM
On court, his biggest change has probably been tactical. He is now the ultimate percentage player - not something that could have been said about him 10 years ago. He's stronger but slower. More hard-working but has less flair. Yes, he'll rip the ball when needed, but more times than not, he'll make sure it lands well inside the line. Defensive to some extent, but to categorize him as such would be misleading. I think this hurts him against the top players. He played much more aggressively against Federer at the US Open and the results were clearly better.

But don't be fooled. For all the commentators say about Agassi being a completely changed man from his younger days, the same guy still lurks in there somewhere. You can see it on certain days. ;)

11-13-2005, 12:44 AM
Shields vs. Graff :p

11-13-2005, 12:47 AM
And for the modern Agassi, try a smaller raquect :p
11-13-2005, 02:57 PM