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So many interesting first round matches!

08-20-2003, 09:37 PM
Ferrero vs. Canas - of course, Canas has been out a long time so this really shouldn’t be close, but he’s a good player and who knows how well he’s going to come back.
Mirnyi vs. Davydenko - Davydenko leads 1/0 - close match on clay
Dent vs. Chela
Brian Vahaly vs. Arnaud Clement
Vladimir Voltchkov vs. Hyung-Taik Lee - Voltchkov leads 1/0 - close match on hard
Rainer Schuettler vs. Wayne Arthurs - 2/2 - I know Arthurs is ranked 120, but I never count him out with that serve
Kiefer vs. Squillari
Rochus vs. Malisse
Henman vs. Roddick (Assuming Safin doesn’t pull out)
Moya vs. Draper
Gaudio vs. Massu - Gaudio leads 4-1 but Massu won the last one and all except one were competitive matches
Nadal vs. Vicente
Gambill vs. Sanchez
Novak vs. Ancic
Youzhny vs. Dupuis - Youzhny leads 2-1
Blake vs. Zabaleta - 1-1
Lisnard vs. Magnus Norman

I know that there’s also Federer vs. Acusaso and Agassi vs. Corretja, but I’d be surprised if they were all that competitive. I don't expect all of the above to be extremely competitive, but I think they are all interesting for their own reason.