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Moya's interview @ Rogers Cup 2005

08-12-2005, 06:48 AM
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THE MODERATOR: First question for Carlos .

Q. It must be exhausting to play during 2 hours and 40 minutes on the central court in that heat against a player especially like Rafael .

CAROLS MOYA: Yeah, were tough conditions today. Was pretty windy, as well. But is a pity for me that been fighting -- I've been fighting for two hours and a half and then play one game really bad, 4-3 on my serve, and then it cost the match.

No, it's a pity for me. But good thing is that I play well. I think I can still play these guys and even beat them. I've been very close. It didn't happen today, but I'm healthy again. My shoulder is fine. So I have to get the good things of the match today.

Q. Is it more difficult to play against Rafael in the sense that you are very good friends?

CAROLS MOYA: Yeah, is not easy. But, you know, once we get to the court, we forget about friendship or anything. So is tough to play him because he's very good. That's the only thing. It's not because we are good friends or whatever.

He's playing well. His balls are coming very heavy. Is not easy to play him. He's lefty. Is not easy at all to play him.

Q. When he was younger, did you know he was going to become as good as he has?

CAROLS MOYA: Well, he was already one of the best two in the world of his age, him and Gasquet . But to be honest, I didn't expect him to be that good so early. He's just 19. He was 18. He won many tournaments already, so was everything very fast. So I didn't expect that for him.

I knew that he was playing challengers, he played three, four or five, he won most of them, then he became professional. It took a while for him. He got injured. It took a while, the breakthrough. He was 40, 50 in the rankings for a year, year and a half. Suddenly everything happened.

I think there was a beast inside of him, and I think the one who woke up the beast was Roddick in the Davis Cup tie. I think after that, everything was unbelievable happen to him, and he is really hungry to win. He's very professional. So I think that's why he's winning every match lately. He's playing very well.

Q. Do you wish sometimes when you had practiced together you hadn't pushed him so hard; partly responsible for him being so good?

CAROLS MOYA: No. I mean, he's good enough that he doesn't need anybody. I mean, I didn't do anything special. Just I've been his partner for a long time. He's been very good to me. He helped me a lot because he was 14, 15, and you don't want to lose to a kid during the practice. He forces you to improve. The same way that I helped him little bit, I think he helped me a lot.

I think we've been good with each other. I'm going to try to help him if he needs anything, but doesn't look like it (smiling).

Q. Nadal's serve is not very strong, yet you didn't break him once in three sets.

CAROLS MOYA: Well, I don't think it was for his serve the reason I didn't break him. I mean, from baseline, he's really tough. And also being lefty, is not easy to attack his serve. Is not very powerful, is not very fast, but is lefty and a lot of spin, so is not easy. And was windy.

But from baseline, I mean, he puts every ball back. There were a few points that I thought was not going to come back the ball at all, and was coming really fast. He puts the ball where he has to put it, you know. He makes you work very hard for every point.

You know, I think it's all together what makes him really good and makes it tough to break his serve.

Q. What was going through your mind during the injury timeout? Did it change the match?

CAROLS MOYA: I think it didn't change anything. He won that game and I won my game. Didn't change anything at all. He told me he was cramping a little bit, his finger. So I don't think he won the match because of that injury timeout, not at all.

Q. You said earlier that one game went bad, how the match changed. Can you explain what happened during that one game?

CAROLS MOYA: When he broke my serve?

Q. Yes.

CAROLS MOYA: Well, the truth is that I was starting every game on my serve losing the first point. Then I had to do miracle to win every game. He had 15 breakpoints - 14 before he made that one. So I was playing very well. I was on the limit, I would say. I played really bad the first three points. Was Love-40. I played another bad one. That was it.

It was just that I always had some ups and downs, and today I lost concentration a little bit. Probably that's why what happened.

Q. Has he made any remark to you since the match about whether he thought it was a good match?

CAROLS MOYA: He said that it was a good match. He had many chances to break my serve. He was running a lot. He told me he was very tired because he had to run much more than I did. But he told me he was playing a little bit far from the baseline, and that I was controlling with the forehand, he had to run. Just few things. Nothing special.

Q. Do you think he can win his first hard court tournament this week?

CAROLS MOYA: Well, is going to be tough. I think he's going to be playing better and better as the weeks go on. Well, if he's able to win here... It won't be easy. It won't be easy. The court is very fast. It's his first tournament since Miami on hard court. Is not going to be easy.

It wouldn't surprise me either. I've seen what he's able to do so far, so I know he can win here.

Q. Do you feel the second set tiebreak shifted the momentum to your side at all, gave you a good boost going into the third?

CAROLS MOYA: Yeah, I think so. I think that tiebreak, I played very well. Until that moment, I was feeling that on his serve I didn't have much chances, and he was having chances. But we were one set all. Although I had just one breakpoint, I was feeling that anything could happen. I had the breakpoint then in the next game on his serve, was 15-All, I had an easy ball. He was at the net. Maybe it was 15-30, I don't know. You never know what can happen.

But the third set, I felt it could go either way.

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08-12-2005, 12:07 PM
Carlos is so modest. Surely having a top player in Mallorca to play with growing up had a great affect on Rafa. Rafa has great talent but Carlos did more for him than he realizes or is willing to admit.

08-12-2005, 01:27 PM
he said he was unlucky at the finish of the match - also said he acn beat guys like Rafa STILL - it means the beast inside him is living & that is a very good news for Moya's fans