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Good interview! thanks! :worship: now I'm going for my lunch, so I'll do it later today ;)

06-28-2005, 07:02 PM
25.6.2005 01:00 - London ( by a speacial journalist of MF DNES ) - In the tiebreak of the second set Tomas Berdych got angry. He shouted, sweared because the referee has stolen him the crucial point. While Dent was serving at 1-1 Tomas hit a great passing shot which dusted the line. The line referee said "out".

Are you sure the ball wasn't out?
I put my hand into the fire for that.

You have argued with the umpire then but she refused to change the decision of the line referee.
She claimed that she didn't see on the line over Dent. She has to protect herself some way. She can't sabotage herself. Before the match you foretold that maybe one ball in the tiebreak will decide.

Was it this ball?
Yes! Then I would held my serve, it could be 1-1 in sets. Instead I was losing 0-2, I was mentally down.

And right after that you lost your serve.
It was very difficult to concentrate then.

Have you ever got angry so much before by the umpire?
Last week in Nottingham in the match against Johansson. Then we only laughed their decisions. It was horrible. But it will be still the same until they install the cameras on the lines.

In US Open they should try to use a videorecording.
I 100% agree with that. If it could work in the hockey, why not here? Electronics must be exact and infallible.

How did you feel when the match finished? Were you disappointed? Did you feel a spite? Or an injustice?
Injustice, that is right. I said to myself: All the time you are concentrating, waiting for the one decisive ball, then you win it and the umpire steals it. I felt like a madman who was there uselessly. But it belongs to the sport too.

You lost against Dent the quarterfinal in Athens, now another big match. Are you more covetous to win over him for the third time?
Every double loss hurts. But Dent is not the type of the player who I like to play against. I will not search him. If the draw will not put him against me I will be happier.

Will you quiet down in the mixed doubles with your girlfriend Lucie Safarova?
No. Lucka has something with her leg. She had to go for x-ray. We will not risk to get worse her injury because of a fun. And the mixed doubles are just a high jinks.

I hope you understand my English. :)