How far they will reach???

06-16-2005, 04:33 PM
how far will the top ten players reach?WHAT DO YOU THINK and NO WHAT DO YOU WANT!
3:hewitt-4th round
4:nadak-4th round
5:safin-4th round
7:canas-4th round
8:dvydenko-3rd round
9:grosjean-2nd round

06-16-2005, 05:29 PM
1. Federer: champion
2. Roddick: finalist
3. Hewitt: 1/4 final
4. Nadal: 3rd round
5. Safin: 2nd round
6. Henman: 4th round
7. Canas: 2nd round
8. Davydenko: 2nd round
9. Grosjean: 1/4 final
10. Ancic: 1/2 final

06-16-2005, 05:53 PM
1. Federer

W - Will find his toughest test in the semi's against Lleyton. 5 set thriller. Believe it!

2. Roddick

F - Will cruise past Malisse to get to the qf. Henman could give the brits something to sing about, and Roddick will be tested in 4 or even 5. Should he survive, he'll come up against a spirited Stepanek in the semi, but will get through in 4.

3. Hewitt

SF - Will do it almost as tough as the Aussie open. Another tough one against Blake, not so tough against Massu, but will have to fight against Taylor. With Taylor finding his feet at Wimbledon a little quicker than Lleyton. He'll make it through though, and then come up against Safin, but this time Safin will be the one to fall in 4.

4. Nadal

R3 - This time Gasquet will unfortunately be a little too tough for Rafa....but he'll be a force on grass yet.

5. Safin

QF - *see Hewitt

6. Henman

QF - *see Roddick

7. Canas

R2 - He might take a set from Mirnyi, but no more.

8. Davydenko

R4 - Will surprise at Wimbledon, taking out Bjorkman in a difficult match, and having an easier time against Youzhny. Joachim will awaken for Wimbledon though, and knock Davydenko out in 4.

9. Grosjean

R4 - He'll be impressive in his first 3 matches, but will be outlasted by Tim in 5 sets.

10. Ancic

R4 - Safin + Grass confidence = Ancic out in 4.

06-16-2005, 06:32 PM
Without looking at the draw:

3:hewitt-3rd round
4:nadal(not nadak)-1st round
5:safin-4th round
7:canas-4th round
8:dvydenko-2nd round
9:grosjean-3rd round