Federer is giving Credits for Safin at wimbledon

06-12-2005, 05:48 PM
How will Maratís chances in Wimbledon be?
! Better than the last few years, because the last few years havenít been quite good for him. He always went into Wimbledon already quite pessimistic. When he lost he was always relieved, he forgot about Wimbledon and concentrated on the American summer. I think this final will fence his chances well doing well and doing a breakthrough over there, because he has really shown some good performances on grass this week.

? How do you go into Wimbledon? Feeling pressure or being confident?
! I feel confident, but there can always be a tough draw, there can always be a shock loss in the first round. I donít really think about it, thatís what I was more concerned abaout last year defending my first time Wimbledon title. Now itís easier for me to deal with the situation than last year.

So guys..Do u think there'll be surprises at Wimbledon??