Could Someone explain to me how the entry ranking works??

05-24-2005, 11:21 PM
It's so confusing to me... could someone tell me the formula?

05-24-2005, 11:25 PM
you get points for every round depending on how good the round is and how important a tournament is being
52 week counts in that ranking

also look at ATP site, there is good explanation!

05-25-2005, 04:18 AM
It's a little bit difficult to find on the ATP site, I've found, so I'll copy it over here...

Q. How does the INDESIT ATP Entry Ranking work?
A. The INDESIT ATP Entry Ranking is based on calculating, for each player, his total points from the four Grand Slams, the nine ATP Masters Series Tournaments and the Tennis Masters Cup of the Entry System period, and his best five results from all eligible Tournaments in the Entry System period. For every Grand Slam or ATP Masters Series Tournament for which a player is not in the Main Draw, and was not (and, in the case of a Grand Slam, would not have been, had he and all other players entered) a Main Draw Direct Acceptance on the original Acceptance List, and never became a Main Draw Direct Acceptance, the number of his results from all other eligible Tournaments in the Entry System period, that count for his ranking, is increased by one. Once a player is accepted in the Main Draw of one of these thirteen Tournaments, as a Direct Acceptance, a Qualifier, a Special Exempt or a Lucky Loser, or having accepted a Wild Card, his result in this Tournament shall count for his ranking, whether or not he participates.

Point allocations can be found here:

05-25-2005, 08:19 AM
1. Points are collected from the tournaments played within the past 52 weeks.

2. There points are from 18 or 19 tournaments. The 19th is the Tennis Masters Cup only. If a player is not eligible for the Tennis Masters Cup, there will only be points from 18 tournaments.

3. The 18 tournaments are as follows: 4 Slams, 9 Masters Series, 5 best results from International Series Gold/International Series/Challenger/Futures etc. A typical top 50/60 player would have points from all 4 Slams, all 9 Masters Series and 5 best IS tournaments.

4. If a player had been eligible for entry into the Main Draw of Slams and Masters Series tournaments, and he did not play for whatever reason (injury, withdrawal etc), he will get a ZERO for that tournament, and it will still be counted as part of their 18 (or 19) results. Eligibility = Direct Acceptance, Qualifier, Wild Card, Lucky Loser, Special Exempt.

5. Almost all the lower ranked players would find themselves ineligible for entry to the Main Draws of either the Slams or the Masters tournaments. For example, their rankings are not high enough for Direct Acceptance, they fail to get through the Quallies or they don't even have a chance to play in the Quallies. For each Slam/Masters that they do not play because of ineligibility, they can use one more result from International Series Gold/International Series/Challenger/Futures as part of their 18 (19) results.


Mr. Someone, who is a Top 10 Player

As of start of French Open 2005:

Results from 2005 so far

Tournament Result Points

Australian Open SF 450

Masters Series
Indian Wells W 500
Miami SF 225
Monte Carlo DNP 0
Rome QF 150
Hamburg 1st 5

Adelaide W 175
Sydney 1st 5
Milan QF 40
Estoril 1st 5
Barcelona QF 75
Munich W 175

Results from end of French Open 2004

Tournament Result Points

French Open QF 250
Wimbledon 4th 150
Us Open W 1000

Masters Series
Canada (Toronto/Montreal) SF 225
Cincinnati DNP 0
Madrid SF 225
Paris QF 150

Tennis Masters Cup SF 200

Halle W 225
Indianapolis QF 50
Vienna 2nd 25
Basel QF 60

Points Calculation

Mr. Someone's points are:

4 Slams
= 450 + 250 + 150 + 1000
= 1850

9 Masters + Masters Cup
= 500 +225 +0 + 150 + 5 + 225 + 0 + 225 + 150 + 200
= 1680

5 best other results
= Halle 04 + Adelaide 05 + Munich 05 + Barcelona 05 + Basel 04
= 225 + 175 + 175 + 75 + 60
= 710

All other results ignored.

Total points
= 1850 + 1680 + 710
= 4240