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Posted on May 10, 2005

Vince Spadea: Tennis-X 5 Questions

By Richard Vach, Senior Writer

When the Davis Cup qualifying draw was released for September and it looked like the Belgians were likely to put the Americans on their Achilles's Heel red clay, the Vince Spadea Equation came back into play.

The 30-year-old was passed over for duty when the U.S. played on clay last year in Spain, with disastrous results, even though Spadea had a higher ranking than the clay-challenged Mardy Fish. Now the baseline-grinding American is setting his sights for Belgium in late September.

The backwards-hat rappin' Spadea appeared in Hamburg after taking a few weeks off to tend to a shoulder injury, and his return to the ATP circuit was harsh: a 6-0, 6-2 pasting at the hands of one of the hottest dirtballers this year, defending French Open runner-up Guillermo Coria.

A despondent Spadea agreed to a sit-down after immediately hitting the practice court following his loss, riffing on the upcoming U.S. Davis Cup tie, his changing coaching situation and clothing sponsor, his potential "reality show," and the American struggles on the red dirt.

Vince Spadea: (pseudo-smiling) "I don't know why you'd possibly want to talk to me."

Tennis-X: When you saw the Davis Cup Qualifying draw come out, what did you think with the Belgians likely on clay -- could you work yourself into that, would you want to work yourself into that?

Spadea: Yeah, I would love to work myself into that. I'm just coming back from an injury, I feel fit and hungry again. I have my beliefs on clay and my game, I'm hoping it works out and I can sustain my level and be one of the top Americans by the time the selection is made.

X: How about an update on the coaching situation and the sponsorship with the clothes you're wearing?

Spadea: I am being coached by Jaime Gomez, he's Bolletieri, with the (Nick) Bolletieri school. I'm with him through the French and am going to possibly reconsider since he was a last-minute replacement, because my other coached stopped at the Nasdaq (Miami). I started to wear these clothes, Le Coq Sportif, a French company, they just sent me these clothes this week. Hopefully looking to do some business, close something out, there's no contract right now.

X: How about The Tennis Channel, there was talk that you were going to be involved in a reality show, has any of that been shot, or is that something for the future?

Spadea: Ummmm, there's speculation, yeah. I don't know, Tennis Channel, I'm always working with them, doing whatever they want me to do, their shows or my version of what I think is cool. They collaborate with me and I'm also in talks with another network to do a reality show, me and possibly a full cast of other people. But I can't go into any details because it's so premature and it's so indefinite.

X: We've interviewed (The Tennis Channel CEO Steve) Bellamy at length and he brings you up a lot, would you think of going into that part of the tennis industry when your career is over?

Spadea: You mean The Tennis Channel? Yeah I would love to work in television in any capacity -- they are fun, smart people and creative -- I have a knowledge of tennis and Steve is a fun guy and his staff is fun to work with. I'm looking to do that sort of thing in the future but I'm also looking to do one thing at a time, it's hard to balance it all. Multitasking is definitely something that's not easy.

X: The three Americans in Hamburg went out in the first round -- it's been a struggle for a while on clay, what's the key to coming across another Jim Courier or Andre Agassi for the U.S., or does it just happen by chance?

Spadea: I think first of all Hamburg has been one of the worst results-oriented tournaments for Americans in history. If you go back to the record books I don't think any Americans have ever won, or arguable ever reached the semifinal or quarterfinals. It's shocking, we had three or four of the best players for the last 20 years in tennis, and for us to not make an impact in this tournament is pretty astounding. On clay, whoever the person is who wants to be the next animal, I think is the person who is going to thrive, to persevere, to battle through on clay -- the mentality, physically fitness-wise. Not to say Andre or myself or Andy (Roddick) is not amazingly fit or hungry or warrior-like, have to train specifically: fitness-wise, stroke-production-wise, for the clay. No one at this point has been able to do that. Courier really thrived on focusing his techniques, his work habits, his drilling, his specific work based on claycourt thinking. I mean look his coach was Jose Higueras who was born on a claycourt and that was all he knew. He ate it, he breathed claycourt and he slept claycourt tennis -- I think it just facilitated Courier's ambush at the French Open and the Italian Open. Unless Agassi is feeling as fit as ever and as patient as ever and his stroke production is carefully managed, his shot selection and enough topspin -- he's not been able to produce -- I mean he was close last week, but this week he had a let-down. The French Open is all anyone cares about by the end of the day, unfortunately, that's how it goes, but we'll see who can make a big impact there. As far as Americans are concerned, we're not huge threats at the French. Agassi is always a threat because of the name, so there's hope in him, but I wouldn't say he was favored.

X: So how is the shoulder?

Spadea: Getting better, getting better (shifting the ice pack under his jacket), it's the first week out, I've been out (of action) three weeks, I kind of rushed my therapy a little bit, I was just eager to get back out. I got the green light from my medical people so, feeling good. The best thing that happened today was that I came out there today and played without pain and finished the match without pain and practice afterwards so -- not much positive, but that was one thing.

Vince Spadea has made one Davis Cup appearance for the U.S., in 2000 winning a set off Juan Carlos Ferrero in the midst of a 5-0 whitewash by the Spaniards on red clay in the World Group semifinals. The American reached a career-high ranking of No. 19 in 1999, and won his lone career singles title last year at Scottsdale.

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Tennis X 5 Questions with your fav...Vince Spadea!

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