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04-27-2005, 02:31 PM

Which is the best tennis game and for which platform??

I have Sega Sports Tennis for PS2 and is really cool but its from 2001 and the players are "not so actual" and it starts getting a little boring. I was searching and found the Smash: Court Tennis: Pro Tournament 2 and I think is very good, the best part is that Andy is included in that game! My problem is that my PS2 fell down :sad: and I have to fix it but is a little expensive, so I don't know, to pay for it or to buy an XBox? what do u think?? :confused: :confused:

Are better tennis games available for XBox than for PS2? Is the Top Spin better the Smash: Court Tennis: Pro Tournament 2?

Here is the trailer for it, watch it and compare:

Thanks!! :p :p :p