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Appeal Process

07-10-2013, 04:15 PM
Appeal Procedures

What can be appealed:

Yellow cards
Red cards
Members CANNOT appeal the closing, moving, or merging of threads, and the act of editing a post by a mod.
A warning or infraction that has already been reviewed CANNOT be re-appealed
Who can appeal:

Any person who receives a warning, red card, or ban.
No appeals on behalf of other members will be accepted
How to appeal:

Contact the appeal moderator ( via private message or within 1 week of receiving the warning, red card, or ban (only 1 infraction may be discussed per appeal)
Explain what infraction you are appealing, and why you believe you did not break the rules, or why you should not have been warned, infracted, or banned.
The possible outcomes of an appeal:

If the appeal moderator is not satisfied that you have a valid case, s/he will communicate his or her reasons to you, and at that point, the matter will be closed.
If the the appeal moderator is satisfied that you have a valid case, s/he will present your case to the moderators and ask for the warning, infraction, or ban to be overturned.
All moderators may review the request. However, the person who gave the warning/infraction/ban will not be involved in the decision to overturn the warning/infraction/ban
After having considered the appeal moderator's request, if two of the moderators agree with the appeal moderator, the warning/infraction/ban will be overturned.
The result of the appeal, as well as the reasons for the final decision, will be communicated to the member who has appealed.

07-29-2013, 08:21 AM
Viruzzz is the new appeal moderator, you can PM/e-mail him with appeals. :)

Please notice, the e-mail address is new, it's edited on the first post.

Sham Kay
08-29-2014, 10:58 PM
Time Violation is the appeal moderator as of today. PM or email him if you have an appeal to make.

The new email address is-