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Guga will play Wimbledon!!!!!

11-07-2002, 01:47 PM
Guga admits to play Wimbledon in the year that comes
06/11/2002 to 22h11
Fernão Ketelhuth

São Paulo (SP) - Gustavo Kuerten still nor gave beginning to so waited vacation and already it starts to think about its calendar for the next season. Although still it has not defined the list of all the tournaments that he will dispute in 2003, number one of the country anticipates that it must come back to play in Wimbledon, after two years of absence.

The last appearance of Kuerten in the Grand British Slam happened in 2000, when he lost in the third round for the German Alexander Popp. In the match most traditional of the tennis, the brazilian has as better resulted the quarterfinals that obtained in 99.

"This year, I go to try to play in Wimbledon, that is a tournament that I did not dispute in the last years, because of problems that I had with the calendar", Kuerten says, after to defeat, to the side of the miner Andres Sá, the Argentines David Nalbandian and Luis Wolf in the challenge Brazil x Argentina, in the Ibirapuera.

"Of remaining portion, I intend to continue playing the matches of Grand Slam and the Masters Series and to try to more concentrate me a little in the season of clay. I go to look for, also, to dispute those competitions that I more taste, that I really feel will to play. I find that thus, who knows, I obtains to arrive at top 10, that is my goal ", affirms.

11-07-2002, 01:52 PM
that's great! he didn't play since 2000, but I'm sure he can do well there and go far(maybe win it, who knows!!)!! GO GUGA!

11-07-2002, 03:06 PM
That great news . I saw his matches on grass and i think she can reach the final . Nabaldian reached the final this year in his first tounament on grass , so why guga can do the same ? :D